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Transsexual dating in Poitiers : Guide des Nuits Envoûtantes


by Vanessa Charles


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The best site to meet transsexuals in Poitiers

Tested and approved by myself and, above all, by my readers in the Poitiers LGBT community, it's a must for headache-free trans dating!

Meet the trans world in Poitiers: a city where diversity and acceptance mingle, offering spaces in which the trans and LGBT community can thrive and connect.
I'm Vanessa, your expert dating and seduction guide, ready to reveal Poitiers' hidden treasures.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
At the CommunardBarVibrant and inclusive bar, promoting meeting and exchange in the LGBT community38 Rue Chaume de la CueilleNot specified
Le George SandBarElegant and welcoming bar, ideal for enriching trans encounters25 rue Saint-Pierre-le-PuellierNot specified
Sexo 2000CruisingBold cruising space, offering a discreet environment for meetings5 rue Saint-CyprienNot specified
Calybras Sauna PoitiersSaunaMixed sauna popular with the trans community for its relaxed, open atmosphere56 boulevard du Pont AchardNot specified
Transgender meeting places in Poitiers

Meet local Transexuals Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Where to meet trannies in Poitiers ?

At the Communard

Au Communard isn't just a bar, it's a colorful refuge where the trans and LGBT community comes together to share unforgettable moments. As soon as you walk through the door, you're greeted by a rainbow of smiles and a vibrant atmosphere. Here, the walls are steeped in stories and laughter, offering a safe and open space. The drinks are as diverse as the clientele, with signature cocktails that celebrate diversity. The warm and welcoming staff ensure that everyone feels at home.

NameAt the Communard
Address38 Rue Chaume de la Cueille, 86000 Poitiers
Phone number 09 83 86 07 00
Opening hours and daysFriday 08:00-20:00 Saturday Closed Sunday Closed Monday 08:00-20:00 Tuesday 08:00-20 :00 Wednesday 08:00-20:00 Thursday 08:00-23:00
Website / Social networkfacebook
Notice (notice source)113 notices
Score out of 54,2/5
Details of "Au Communard" in Potiers

Le George Sand

2022 03 19

Le George Sand is a rare gem in the Poitiers nightlife scene, offering a refined and inclusive setting for the trans community. Combining elegance and conviviality, this bar is the perfect place for those looking to meet trans people in a sophisticated atmosphere. The elegantly decorated interiors create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

NameLe George Sand
Address 25 Rue Saint-Pierre-le-Puellier, 86000 Poitiers
Phone number05 49 55 91 58
Opening hours and daysFriday 00:30-06:00 Saturday 00:30-06:00 Sunday 00:30-06:00 Monday Closed Tuesday 00:30-05:00 Wednesday 00:30-05:00 Thursday 00:30-06:00
Website / Social networkfacebook
Notice (notice source)151 notices
Score out of 53,6/5
Details of "Le George Sand" in Potiers

Sexo 2000

Sexo 2000 is no ordinary place; it's a space where freedom and self-exploration take on their full meaning. For the trans community and those looking for out-of-the-ordinary encounters, this place offers a non-judgmental environment where everyone can express their true identity.
Discretion and respect are the watchwords here, providing a secure setting for intimate, liberating experiences.

NameSexo 2000
Address Poitiers FR, 5 Rue Saint-Cyprien, 86000 Grand
Phone number05 49 41 42 80
Opening hours and daysFriday 13:00-22:00 Saturday 13:00-22:00 Sunday Closed Monday 13:00-20:00 Tuesday 13:00-20:00 Wednesday 13:00-20:00 Thursday 13:00-22:00
Website / Social networkwebsite
Notice (notice source)11 notices
Score out of 54/5
Details of "5 rue Saint-Cyprien" in Potiers

Calybras Sauna Poitiers (closed)

A haven of relaxation and encounter for the trans community.
Calybras Sauna Poitiers is an oasis of tranquility and freedom, particularly appreciated by Poitiers' trans community.
This co-ed sauna, offering specific hours for the gay and trans community, is a great meeting place for those looking to relax and make meaningful connections. With its modern facilities, including a sauna, Jacuzzi and various relaxation areas, Calybras is the ideal place to unwind and escape the stresses of everyday life.

NameCalybras Sauna Poitiers
Address56 Bd Pont Achard, 86000 Poitiers
Phone number09 67 79 94 25
Opening hours and daysclosed
Website / Social networkclosed
Notice (notice source)30 reviews
Score out of 53,2/5
Details of "Calybras Sauna Poitiers" in Potiers

Must-See Neighborhoods in Poitiers to Meet the Trans Community

Poitiers, with its rich culture and diversity, offers several neighborhoods where the trans and LGBT community thrives. Here are five must-see neighborhoods for enriching and authentic encounters within this community:

Downtown Poitiers : The historic heart of Poitiers, the city center, is a lively and friendly place. With its cobbled streets, cafés and bars, including LGBT-friendly establishments like Le George Sand, it's a great place for spontaneous encounters and lively evenings.

Notre-Dame district: Known for its bohemian ambience and numerous cultural venues, the Notre-Dame district attracts a diverse population. Bars, art galleries and community spaces are popular meeting points for the trans community.

Les Rives du Clain : The banks of the river Clain offer a natural and relaxing setting, perfect for more tranquil encounters. The riverside walks and outdoor cafés make it an ideal place for more intimate exchanges and moments of relaxation.

Montbernage district: Montbernage, with its lively streets and small shops, has a unique charm. This evolving neighborhood is becoming an increasingly popular place for diverse gatherings, thanks in particular to community and cultural events.

Quartier de la Gare : Around Poitiers train station, this dynamic, ever-changing neighborhood attracts a young, hip crowd. The cafés and meeting places near the station are meeting points for those looking to make new acquaintances in an urban and accessible environment.

Poitiers, a Treasure Trove of Diversity and Enriching Trans Encounters

Poitiers stands out for its cultural richness and diversity, offering a range of opportunities for the trans and LGBT community.
From lively bars to picturesque neighborhoods, the city invites you to explore and discover places where authenticity and respect are the watchwords.
Whether in the vibrant city center, the bohemian Notre-Dame district, or near the peaceful banks of the Clain, every corner of Poitiers is a potential meeting place.

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