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Rencontre Trans à Angoulême: Key locations


by Vanessa Charles


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Le meilleur site pour rencontrer des transsexuelles à Angoulême

Testé et approuvé par mes soins et surtout mes lecteurs de la communauté LGBT à Angoulême, il est incontournable pour faire des rencontres trans sans prise de tête !

Meeting trans people in Angoulême is not an impossible quest! This lively, welcoming city offers a diversity of trans-friendly venues, from convivial bars to modern saunas. Here's a guide to exploring these unique spaces.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
Café BulleGay barGay bar, relaxed atmosphere36 rue de la Cloche Verte, 16000 Angoulême, FranceDowntown
Tara's SecretsGay barGay bar, intimate and welcoming atmosphereRue de la Sagesse, 24000 Périgueux, FrancePérigueux
ADHEOS LGBTI+ CenterLGBT CenterSupport center for the LGBT community5 Boulevard Berthelot, Espace St Martial, 16000 Angoulême, FranceSaint Martial
Lieux de rencontre transgenre à Angoulême

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Where to meet trannies in Angoulême?

Café Bulle

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This bar, located in the heart of Angoulême, is a haven for the trans and LGBT community. With its warm ambience and inviting decor, Café Bulle is the perfect place to relax and meet new people. Imagine sipping a cocktail while chatting with fascinating people in a setting that's both elegant and cosy. What's more, this venue often organizes themed events and evenings, offering a great opportunity to socialize in a festive and inclusive environment.

NameCafé Bulle
Address36 Rue de la Cloche Verte, 16000 Angoulême
Phone number05 45 37 49 20
Opening hours and daysClosed Mondays and Sundays; Open from 4:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. (the following day) Tuesday to Saturday
Website / Social networkFacebook
Reviews (Note out of 5)4,4/5
Détails du « Café Bulle” à Angoulême

LGBTI+ Center ADHEOS Angoulême


This center is a pillar for Angoulême's trans community. It's a space dedicated to promoting diversity and defending LGBT rights, including those of trans people. At the ADHEOS LGBTI+ Center, you'll find a welcoming environment where everyone can feel safe and understood. It's a place of exchange, support and encounters, offering a variety of activities and educational events. Whether for advice, discussion groups, or simply to meet people with similar experiences, this center is an invaluable resource. It plays a crucial role in the social life and well-being of trans people in Angoulême.

NameLGBTI+ Center ADHEOS Angoulême
Address5 Boulevard Berthelot, Espace St Martial, Bat Le Valois Entrée Place St Martial, derrière l'église St Martial, 16000 Angoulême
Phone number06 26 39 66 13
Opening hours and daysOpen until 18:00
Website / Social networkfacebook
Reviews (Note out of 5)4.5 (out of 4 Google reviews)
Détails du « Centre LGBTI+ ADHEOS Angoulême” à Angoulême

Must-See Areas in Angoulême to Meet the Trans Community

Angoulême, with its historic charm and modern ambience, offers several neighborhoods that stand out as prime meeting places for the trans community. Here are five not-to-be-missed neighborhoods where diversity and inclusivity are in the spotlight.

1. Downtown

Angoulême's beating heart, downtown, is a vibrant gathering place for the trans community. With establishments like Café Bulle and Opéra, this area offers a lively, open atmosphere, perfect for social and cultural gatherings.

2. The Crown

La Couronne, known for Sauna Prado, is a neighborhood that warmly welcomes the LGBT community, including trans people. It's an ideal place for those seeking a more relaxed and intimate environment.

3. Saint Roch

The Saint Roch district, with places like Le Royaume de l'Erotisme, stands out for its more daring and liberated atmosphere. It's the ideal neighborhood for lively evenings and unique encounters.

4. Saint Martial

The Saint Martial district, home to the ADHEOS LGBTI+ Center, is a key location for the trans community in Angoulême. The neighborhood offers a space of support, information and encounter for trans people and their allies.

5. Périgueux (Near Angoulême)

Although technically outside Angoulême, Périgueux deserves a special mention with bars like Les Secrets de Tara. This nearby neighborhood offers a friendly LGBT scene and a welcoming atmosphere for the trans community.

Angoulême, a place of Encounters and Diversity for the Trans Community

Angoulême se révèle être une ville dans laquelle la diversité et l’inclusion ne sont pas de simples mots, mais une réalité vécue au quotidien. Que ce soit dans les quartiers animés du centre-ville, la tranquillité de La Couronne, l’énergie de Saint Roch, la solidarité de Saint Martial ou les charmes de Périgueux à proximité, chaque coin de cette ville offre des opportunités uniques pour les rencontres trans. Les bars, les saunas, les centres communautaires comme le Centre LGBTI+ ADHEOS, sont des lieux où non seulement on peut rencontrer des personnes trans, mais aussi célébrer la richesse de l’identité et de l’expression de genre.

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