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Meet Transsexuals in Strasbourg : Best Places


by Vanessa Charles


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The best site to meet transsexuals in Strasbourg

Tested and approved by myself and, above all, by my readers in Strasbourg's LGBT community, it's a must for headache-free trans dating!

Meeting trans people in Strasbourg can be an exciting adventure, rich in discovery. Although the city doesn't shout from the rooftops about its openness to the LGBT community, it's full of discreet yet incredibly warm and welcoming places for trans people and those around them. So let's embark on this urban exploration together!

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
The Queer SofaBar GayStrasbourg's first LGBT-friendly venue, with an open, festive atmosphere.20 Rue des Couples, 67000 StrasbourgStock exchange
The Golden GateBar-club-Gay-friendly bar-club with terrace, friendly atmosphere, located in the historic district.63 rue du Fossé-des-Tanneurs, StrasbourgPetite France
Le Z BarNight barFriendly gay bar with theme nights, smoking room and backroom.9 rue de la Course, StrasbourgStation area
The Equator SaunaSaunaStrasbourg's only gay sauna, offering a relaxing atmosphere and a variety of facilities.5 rue de Rosheim, StrasbourgNot specified
Le Spyl So Crazy ClubClubGay and lesbian club with a variety of music and theme evenings.8 Pass. de Londres, StrasbourgEsplanade
Jeannette and the CycleuxBarBar with retro 1950s charm, cocktails and snacks.30 Rue des Tonneliers, 67000 StrasbourgNot specified
Le Sex Club AntracteSex clubGay club offering a space of freedom and exploration for the trans community.2a rue Moll 67000 StrasbourgNot specified
VideoneCinema XCinema offering X screenings for singular trans encounters.1 rue d'Obernai - 67000 StrasbourgNot specified
Oxydo SaunaSaunaSauna and cruising bar for intense encounters with the trans community.3 Place Clément, 67000 StrasbourgNo spec
Transgender dating in Strasbourg

Meet local Transexuals du Grand Est

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Where to meet trannies in Strasbourg?

Le Canapé Queer, a Warm Refuge for the Trans Community

lecanapequeer strasbourg

Le Canapé Queer is like your favorite living room, only better! This establishment is the beating heart of trans life in Strasbourg. Imagine a place where diversity is celebrated, where everyone - transsexual, transvestite, tgirl or simple ally - can feel at home. The music is always upbeat, perfect for swaying or just chatting.

NameThe Queer Sofa
Address 20 Rue des Couples, 67000 Strasbourg
Phone number03 88 35 51 52
Opening hoursThursday 18:00-04:00 Friday 18:00-04:00 Saturday 18:00-04:00 Sunday Closed Monday 18:00-01:30 Tuesday 18:00-01:30 Wednesday 18:00-01:30
NoticeNot specified
Score out of 5Not specified
Details of "Le Canapé Queer" in Strasbourg

The Golden Gate, a corner of San Francisco in Strasbourg

legoldengate strasbourg

Le Golden Gate is your passport to a corner of San Francisco in the heart of Strasbourg. This gay-friendly establishment exudes friendliness and openness. Its sunny terrace is a real asset, and the interior, adorned with a replica of the famous bridge, will transport you elsewhere. It's the ideal place for trans people and those who admire them, offering a relaxed atmosphere and lively evenings.

NameThe Golden Gate
Address 63 Rue du Fossé-des-Tanneurs, 67000 Strasbourg
Phone number03 88 75 11 75
Opening hoursDaily from 11 a.m. to 01.30 a.m., except Sundays and Mondays
NoticeNot specified
Score out of 5Not specified
Details of "Le Golden Gate" in Strasbourg

Le Z Bar, A Trendy Spot for the Trans Community


Z Bar is the place to be for trans night owls and their friends.
With its relaxed atmosphere and themed evenings, it's the perfect place to let loose.
The clientele is diverse and open-minded, making each evening unique. Whether you're a regular or a newcomer, you'll find your place here.

NameThe Z Bar
Address 9 Rue de la Course, 67000 Strasbourg
Phone number03.
Opening hoursThursday 21:00-01:30 Friday 21:00-01:30 Saturday 21:00-01:30 Sunday 21:00-01:30 Monday Closed Tuesday Closed Wednesday 21:00-01:30
Notice65 notices
Score out of 53,9
Details of "Le Z Bar" in Strasbourg

The Ecuador Sauna, an Oasis of Relaxation for the Trans Community

bar equateur starsbourg

Imagine a place where relaxation and encounter blend harmoniously. The Sauna Équateur offers just that. It's Strasbourg's only gay sauna, but believe me, it's worth the detour. With its soothing atmosphere and top-quality facilities, it's the place to be for trans men looking for relaxation and new encounters.

NameThe Equator Sauna
Address 5 Rue de Rosheim, 67000 Strasbourg
Phone number03.
Opening hoursDaily from noon to 9:00 pm, and weekends from 2 pm to 9 pm
Notice33 notices
Score out of 54,4/5
Details of "Le Sauna Équateur" in Strasbourg

The Spyl So Crazy Club, An Explosive Cocktail for the Trans Community

lesoylsocrazy strasbourg

And to finish on a high note, don't miss the Spyl So Crazy Club! Strasbourg's LGBT club par excellence. With its eclectic musical program and themed evenings, it's the ideal playground for trans people and their admirers. The atmosphere is electric, and the terrace offers an ideal space for more intimate encounters.

NameLe Spyl So Crazy Club
AddressCenter Commercial De L'Esplanade
Phone number07 83 24 10 82
Opening hoursWednesday: 20:00 - 01:30, Thursday: 22:30 - 05:00, Friday: 02:00 - 05:00, Saturday: 22:30 - 07:00, Closed Monday, Tuesday and Sunday
Notice353 reviews
Score out of 53,9/5
Details of "Le Spyl So Crazy Club" in Strasbourg

Jeannette et les Cycleux, A Retro Trip for the Trans Community


If you're looking for a place where retro charm blends with a trans-friendly atmosphere, then Jeannette et les Cycleux is your destination. This bar transports you back to the 1950s with its unique decor and period music. It's the perfect spot for trans people looking to escape the daily grind and meet open-minded, curious souls.

NameJeannette and the Cycleux
Address 30 Rue des Tonneliers, 67000 Strasbourg
Phone number03 88 23 02 71
Opening hoursOpen daily from noon to 11 p.m.
Notice1;7K reviews
Score out of 54,5/5
Details of "Jeannette et les Cycleux" in Strasbourg

Sex Club Antracte, A Universe of Freedom for Trans People

Sex Club Antracte is the temple of freedom and exploration for the trans community in Strasbourg. Here, taboos are lifted, and everyone can safely express their deepest desires. It's a place where transsexuals, shemales and ladyboys can meet and share intense, unforgettable moments.

NameLe Sex Club Antracte
Address 2A Rue Moll, 67000 Strasbourg
Phone number03 88 32 61 86
Opening hoursOpen every day from 12:00 to 21:00
Notice43 notices
Score out of 54,5/5
Details of "Le Sex Club Antracte" in Strasbourg

Vidéone, A Cinema X for Trans Singular Encounters

Vidéone is no ordinary movie theater. It's a place where X-rated screenings offer a unique setting for trans encounters. Whether you're gay, straight, or just curious, Vidéone offers an experience where barriers come down and connections are made in the most intimate of atmospheres.

Address 1 Rue d'Obernai, 67000 Strasbourg
Phone number03 88 75 14 78
Opening hoursOpen daily from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.
WebsiteNot specified
Notice8 notices
Score out of 53,6/5
Details of Le Vidéone in Strasbourg

Oxydo Sauna, a meeting and relaxation space for Trans people

oxydos sauna strasbourg

Oxydo Sauna is more than just a sauna, it's a space of freedom where the trans community can come together in complete serenity. With its different zones dedicated to relaxation, pleasure and encounters, Oxydo offers a complete and enriching experience for trans people and their admirers.

NameOxydo Sauna
Address 3 Pl. Clément, 67000 Strasbourg
Phone number03 88 16 07 70
Opening hoursMonday to Thursday from 12pm to 01am, Friday and Saturday from 12pm to 03am, Sunday from 2pm to 01am
Notice123 notices
Score out of 54,1/5
Details of the "Oxydo Sauna" in Strasbourg

ville strasbourg 2

Must-See Areas in Strasbourg to Meet the Trans Community

Strasbourg, with its many facets, offers several neighborhoods that are veritable epicenters of trans life and culture. Here are five must-see neighborhoods where the trans community can meet, socialize and enjoy unique moments.

1. Little France

This historic district is known for its picturesque charm and cobbled streets. Not only is Petite France an architectural gem, it's also a favorite meeting place for the trans community, thanks to establishments like the Golden Gate. The neighborhood blends history, culture and open-mindedness, offering the ideal setting for enriching encounters.

2. The European Institutions Quarter

Close to EU institutions, this modern district is a melting pot of cultures and identities. It is home to a young and diverse population, conducive to openness and acceptance of the trans community. It's the perfect place for those looking to meet people from different backgrounds in a cosmopolitan environment.

3. Le Neudorf

The Neudorf district, which is undergoing radical change, has become a trendy and dynamic area. It attracts a young, trendy population, making it an ideal place for trans people in search of novelty and cultural exchange. Neudorf's cafés, bars and cultural spaces are the ideal places for relaxed encounters.

4. The Esplanade

L'Esplanade, with its youthful, university atmosphere, is a vibrant neighborhood where the trans community can easily network. The many cafés, bars and green spaces offer a variety of opportunities for social gatherings and activities. It's an essential meeting place for students and young professionals, including those from the trans community.

5. Krutenau

The Krutenau, often described as bohemian and artistic, is a neighborhood where diversity is celebrated. With its art galleries, independent boutiques and ethnic restaurants, it's a neighborhood that attracts an eclectic and open-minded crowd, including the trans community. The Krutenau is the ideal place for those looking to combine trans encounters and cultural exploration.

These Strasbourg neighborhoods, with their unique ambience and open-mindedness, are privileged spaces for the trans community. Whether for friendly, romantic encounters or simply to enjoy the social life, these places offer a richness and diversity that reflects the city's inclusive spirit.

Strasbourg, a city of encounters and fulfillment for the Trans Community

Strasbourg is a city of many faces, rich in opportunities for the trans community. With its eclectic neighborhoods ranging from picturesque Petite France to the dynamic Krutenau, the city offers an ideal setting for varied and enriching encounters.
Establishments like Golden Gate Bar, Canapé Queer and Sauna Équateur are havens of conviviality and diversity, reflecting the city's inclusive spirit.
Every corner of Strasbourg tells a different story, making the city an essential place for the LGBT and trans community, where everyone can find their place and forge precious links.
In short, Strasbourg is much more than just a destination; it's a meeting point where identities, cultures and encounters blend harmoniously, offering the trans community a unique space for expression and fulfillment.

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