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Rencontre Trans à Reims : Zones pour draguer


by Vanessa Charles


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Le meilleur site pour rencontrer des transsexuelles à Reims

Testé et approuvé par mes soins et surtout mes lecteurs de la communauté LGBT à Reims, il est incontournable pour faire des rencontres trans sans prise de tête !

Meeting trans people in Reims is not just a possibility, it's a celebration of diversity and personal expression.
As Vanessa, expert in dating and seduction, I invite you to discover some of the city's iconic venues, where the trans community finds a welcoming and vibrant space.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
The tie-breaker datesBar AssociatifThe beating heart of LGBT life in Reims, a meeting place for the community.25 rue du Jard, ReimsNot specified
L.Bee BarBarFestive bar with cocktails and karaoke, a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere.69 Pl. Drouet d'Erlon, 51100 ReimsDowntown
Entre-2 (CLOSED)Bar/ClubA former haven for the trans community, known for its warm atmosphere and terrace.Place Jules Lobet, Reims, FranceNot specified
Lieux de rencontre transgenre à Reims

Meet local Transexuals du Grand Est

ville Reims 2

Where to meet Trans women in Reims?

The tie-breaker dates

Les rendez-vous d'exaequo is the beating heart of LGBT life in Reims.
Ce n’est pas seulement une association à Reims, mais un sanctuaire pour la communauté trans.
Imagine a place where freedom of expression is not a luxury, but a norm.
Here, every Friday evening, the walls echo with laughter and lively discussion.
Groups such as 'Le genre en question' or 'Café poly' are ideal places to meet trans people and exchange views on both deep and light topics.

NameThe tie-breaker dates
Address 25 Rue du Jard, 51100 Reims
Phone number03 26 86 52 56
Opening hours and daysFriday: 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Détails du « Les rendez-vous d’exaequo » à Reims

L.Bee Bar


L.Bee Bar, with its exquisite cocktails and wild karaoke, is a veritable institution in Reims for the trans community. The atmosphere is festive and inclusive, the perfect mix for memorable encounters. The bar stands out for its ability to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and valued. Diversity and open-mindedness are the watchwords, making each evening unique and unforgettable.

NameL.Bee Bar
Address 69 Pl. Drouet d'Erlon, 51100 Reims
Phone number03 26 47 05 04
Opening hours and daysOuvert de 11h00 sauf du dimanche au mardi ouverture 15h00 jusqu’à 03:00
Notice3.8/5 based on 35 reviews
Détails du « L.Bee Bar » à Reims

Entre-2 (Permanently closed)

Ah, l’Entre-2, un endroit qui fut une oasis pour la communauté trans à Reims.
Bien qu’il soit maintenant fermé, il mérite une mention pour l’héritage qu’il a laissé.
C’était un lieu où se mêlait l’élégance, la joie et une acceptation sans faille.
Avec une terrasse extérieure accueillante et une transformation en club les week-ends, l’Entre-2 était l’endroit parfait pour des rencontres décontractées et festives.

NameEntre-2 (CLOSED)
Address8 Pl. Jules Lobet, 51100 Reims
Phone number 03 51 24 78 72
Opening hours and daysClosed
WebsiteNot specified
Notice3,7/5 (30 avis)
Détails du « Entre-2 » à Reims

Must-See Areas in Reims to Meet the Trans Community

Reims, with its cultural richness and diversity, offers a variety of neighborhoods where the trans community finds welcome and expression.
Here are five not-to-be-missed neighborhoods for enriching and memorable encounters.

1. Downtown

The beating heart of Reims, where urban effervescence meets diversity.
Downtown is a crossroads of cultures and identities, ideal for spontaneous encounters and unique experiences. With its bars, cultural events and vibrant atmosphere, it's a favorite spot for the trans community.

2. Saint-Rémi district

Historic and charming, the Saint-Rémi district is known for its heritage and peaceful atmosphere. It's a place where diversity blends into the city's rich cultural fabric, offering encounters in a more serene, intimate setting.

3. Clairmarais district

Clairmarais, with its modern look and green spaces, is a rapidly evolving neighborhood. Appreciated for its tranquility and proximity to the center, it offers an ideal setting for authentic encounters within the trans community.

4. Boulingrin district

Boulingrin, famous for its market and dynamic atmosphere, is a neighborhood where conviviality reigns. The cafés and small shops make it the perfect place for warm exchanges and enriching encounters.

5. Jean-Jaurès district

The Jean-Jaurès neighborhood is a mix of urban and residential, offering a balance between social life and tranquility.
It's a space where the trans community can come together in an environment that's both lively and soothing.

Reims, a place of Diversity and Encounters for the Trans Community

Reims reveals itself as a veritable showcase of diversity, welcoming the trans community with warmth and openness. Whether it's the vibrancy of the city center, the tranquility of the Saint-Rémi district, the modern ambience of Clairmarais, the effervescence of Boulingrin, or the equilibrium of Jean-Jaurès, each neighborhood offers a unique canvas for enriching encounters. Establishments like Les rendez-vous d'exaequo, Pop Art Café and L.Bee Bar are jewels in this city's crown, reflecting the spirit of inclusion and celebration of identity.
Reims, with its cultural mosaic, is not only a haven for the trans community, but also a vibrant symbol of the beauty of diversity.

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