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Rencontre Gay à Mulhouse : Festive atmosphere in Select Bars


by Vanessa Charles


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Mulhouse, in the vibrant heart of the Haut-Rhin region, is proving to be fertile ground for encounters within the gay community. Whether you're looking to socialize in a friendly bar, escape to an electrifying party or simply meet others of a similar sexual orientation, Mulhouse has your back. Let me guide you through the city's must-visit establishments, where gay nightlife promises unforgettable moments.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
City Zen Sauna & HammamSaunaRelaxing sanctuary for the LGBTQ+ community, combining tradition and modernity.8c Quai d'Oran, 68100 MulhouseCenter
OZEN Sauna Club libertinLibertine saunasA place of freedom and discovery for the LGBTQ+ community, offering an ideal setting for authentic encounters.32 B Rue de Mulhouse, 68170 RixheimNear Mulhouse
Spart BarBarMulhouse's emblematic nightlife bar, known for its electric atmosphere and warm welcome.50 Rue de l'Arsenal, 68100 Mulhouse, FranceCenter
Charlie's BarBarA bar renowned for its excellent cocktails and top-of-the-range catering, in an elegant, cosy setting.26 Rue de la Sinne, 68100 MulhouseCenter
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Where to meet gays in Mulhouse?

City Zen Sauna & Hammam

cityzen mulhouse 1

Nestled in the heart of Mulhouse, City Zen Sauna & Hammam stands out as a haven of peace for the gay community. Combining tradition and modernity, it's the ideal place to relax and meet new people in a warm and welcoming environment. The atmosphere is conducive to exchange and relaxation, allowing visitors to free themselves from everyday stress while forging new bonds.

The décor, both refined and intimate, encourages total immersion in a world of well-being. The sauna and hammam are the centerpieces, inviting you on a unique sensory voyage, while the rest areas provide comfortable conversation. The quality of the facilities and the diversity of the services on offer, including professional massage sessions, make this place a benchmark for the homosexual community in search of a total relaxation experience.

What's more, City Zen regularly organizes themed events, reinforcing its status as one of Mulhouse's leading gay venues.
These get-togethers are an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life in a festive and inclusive setting.

NameCity Zen Sauna & Hammam
Address8c Quai d'Oran, 68100 Mulhouse
Phone number09 83 73 71 74
Opening hours and daysThursday to Saturday: 14:00-23:00; Sunday to Wednesday: 14:00-21:00
Notice (with notice source)Rating 4.4/5 (41 reviews)
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OZEN Sauna Club libertin

ozen sauna

OZEN Sauna Club libertin, located not far from Mulhouse in Rixheim, presents itself as a space of freedom and discovery for the LGBTQ+ community.
This libertine sauna stands out for its open-mindedness and non-judgmental welcome, offering the ideal setting for authentic, uninhibited encounters. The diversity of spaces, including sauna, Jacuzzi and cuddle nooks, encourages intimacy and interaction between visitors.

The decor, blending elegance and comfort, creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and escape. The establishment welcomes a varied clientele, guaranteeing enriching and varied encounters. Respect and discretion are the order of the day, allowing everyone to enjoy their experience to the full in complete safety.

Themed evenings are regularly organized, adding a touch of spice to Mulhouse nights. These events, ranging from masked parties to singles-only nights, offer plenty of opportunities to make new acquaintances in a festive, liberated environment.

NameOZEN Sauna Club libertin
Address32 B Rue de Mulhouse, 68170 Rixheim
Phone number03 69 15 89 51
Opening hours and daysThursday to Wednesday (except Monday): 14:00-22:00 (Friday until 23:00, Saturday until 01:00)
Notice (with notice source)Rating 4.8/5 (45 reviews)
Details about "OZEN Sauna Club libertin" in Mulhouse

Spart Bar


Spart Bar, the emblem of Mulhouse nightlife, is the gay bar par excellence for those in search of a lively and memorable evening.
This venue, known for its electric atmosphere and warm welcome, attracts a diverse and open-minded clientele, making each evening a unique moment of discovery and conviviality.

The eclectic musical program, always in tune with current trends, ensures a constantly lively dance floor. The bartenders, true artists at heart, concoct innovative and tasty cocktails, promising unparalleled taste sensations. The bar's layout is designed to encourage socializing in a setting that's both intimate and festive.

Varied and frequent theme evenings are the Spart Bar's spearhead.
Whether celebrating Pride, costume parties or tributes to pop culture icons, each event is an invitation to discover and celebrate diversity. These gatherings are all opportunities to forge bonds, meet kindred spirits or simply enjoy a moment of letting go.

NameSpart Bar
Address50 Rue de l'Arsenal, 68100 Mulhouse, France
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysThursday to Saturday: 23:00-03:00; Sunday to Wednesday: Closed
Notice (with notice source)Rated 4.1/5 (171 reviews)
Details of "Spart Bar" in Mulhouse

Charlie's Bar

hotel bar charlies

In the heart of Mulhouse, Charlie's Bar stands out as a place of exchange and pleasure for the LGBT community. Renowned for its excellent cocktails and upscale catering, this bar is the ideal place for those who want to combine gastronomy with a convivial atmosphere.

The cocktail menu, a veritable work of art, offers a wide range of original creations and revisited classics, prepared with care and passion by experienced mixologists. The elegant, cosy setting invites you to relax and chat in total intimacy, while enjoying impeccable service.

Regular special events and themed evenings add a touch of originality and dynamism to the bar's already warm ambience.
Whether it's for an afterwork with friends, a romantic evening or a special celebration, Charlie's Bar adapts to every occasion, guaranteeing unforgettable moments.

NameCharlie's Bar
Address26 Rue de la Sinne, 68100 Mulhouse
Phone number03 89 66 12 22
Opening hours and daysAlways open
Notice (with notice source)Rating 3.8/5 (65 reviews)
Details of "Charlie's Bar" in Muhlouse

Mulhouse's must-visit gay neighbourhoods

rencontre gay homme 5 5

Mulhouse, a dynamic and welcoming city, is home to several neighborhoods where the LGBTQ+ community can find places to meet, socialize and enjoy culture.
These neighborhoods are distinguished by their open atmosphere and wealth of entertainment and social spaces.
Here are five neighborhoods in Mulhouse that are proving to be key rallying points for the gay community.


Mulhouse's beating heart, the city center, is a lively and bustling place where bars, saunas and other gay-friendly establishments are concentrated.
With venues such as City Zen Sauna & Hammam and Spart Bar, the city center is the ideal place for a wide variety of meetings in a lively urban setting.


Rebberg, a residential area renowned for its lush greenery and prestigious residences, offers a peaceful contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city center. Although it's quieter, it occasionally hosts LGBTQ+ events and private parties, providing an intimate setting for socializing.


This neighborhood, which is undergoing a complete transformation, is gradually becoming a place of interest for the gay community, thanks to the emergence of new cultural spaces and LGBTQ+ friendly socializing venues. Its dynamic urban renewal attracts a young, open-minded population.


The Fonderie, with its rehabilitated industrial ambience, has become an attractive area for young professionals and students, including those from the LGBTQ+ community. The cafés and cultural spaces here create opportunities for meetings and exchanges around shared activities.

Cité Manifeste

An experimental neighborhood in terms of architecture and community life, Cité Manifeste attracts visitors with its originality and social commitment. Although less traditional in terms of specifically gay venues, it represents a space of tolerance and diversity, where LGBTQ+ events are sometimes organized.

Discoveries and encounters in Mulhouse: A dazzling finale

In short, Mulhouse is a dynamic and welcoming destination for the LGBTQ+ community. Thanks to its diversity of bars, saunas and clubs, this Haut-Rhin town stands out for its ability to offer spaces for socializing, relaxing and partying to suit all tastes.
Whether you're looking for a lively evening out, a moment of relaxation or a rewarding new encounter, Mulhouse is the place to be. Fully embracing diversity, it confirms its status as a must-see city for anyone looking to celebrate inclusivity and friendship within the gay scene.

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