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Rencontre Gay à Dijon : Discotheques et Bars, Votre Guide de Nuit


by Vanessa Charles


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Dijon, famous for its mustard, is also a meeting place for the gay community. Whether you're looking for a friendly bar, a lively evening out, or simply a place where the gay atmosphere takes center stage, you've come to the right place.
Let me, Vanessa, be your guide on this journey through Dijon's LGBTQ+ social scene.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
Le BossuetSaunaGay sauna with dry sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, cabins and bar, offering themed evenings.3bis Rue du Jardin des Plantes, 21000 Dijon, FranceFaubourg-Raines
LambdaBarBar with live music, rooftop terrace and concerts, offering a vibrant nightlife experience.18 Av. Garibaldi, 21000 Dijon, FranceFaubourg Nord
The UniverseBarElegant cocktail bar with terrace and live music, perfect for sophisticated get-togethers.47 Rue Berbisey, 21000 Dijon, FranceCenter South
Peub - Club (temporarily closed)BarGay party bar, currently temporarily closed, known for its lively evenings.4 Rue de Serrigny, 21000 Dijon, FranceCity center
Le Relax sauna (closed)SaunaSauna offering an oasis of relaxation and comfort.97 Rue Berbisey, 21000 Dijon, FranceFaubourg-Raines
gay venues in Dijon

Where to meet gays in Dijon?

Le Bossuet

Le Bossuet, an iconic gay sauna in Dijon, is the ideal place for those looking to relax and meet other men in a warm and welcoming setting.
Featuring a dry sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and private cabins, this venue offers a wealth of opportunities for socializing and relaxing.
The Bossuet's special feature is its themed evenings, in particular the "soirées écume" and "nuits nues", which attract a diverse clientele in search of a unique experience. The presence of a bar adds to the convivial atmosphere, making it easy to bond over a drink. Men-only hours ensure a safe and inclusive space. The combination of these elements creates the perfect environment for socializing and entertainment within Dijon's gay community.

NameLe Bossuet
Address3bis Rue du Jardin des Plantes, 21000 Dijon, France
Phone number03 80 53 06 28
Opening hours and daysThursday 12:00-18:45, 20:00-00:45; Friday 12:00-18:45, 20:00-01:45; Saturday 12:00-18:45, 20:00-00:45; Sunday 13:00-19:45; Monday-Wednesday 12:00-18:45 (Wednesday also 20:00-00:45)
Website (or social networking page)
Opinion (with opinion source) : Score out of 54.1 based on 100 reviews (Google)
Details of "Le Bossuet" in Dijon


Lambda stands out as a bar with vibrant live music, offering an unforgettable nightlife experience for Dijon's gay community.
With its roof terrace and outdoor deck, Lambda is perfect for those looking to enjoy an evening under the stars, while listening to live music. The varied program attracts a diverse audience, creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels welcome.
This bar is also known for its live music, making it ideal for music lovers wishing to discover local talent in a gay-friendly atmosphere.
Lambda's charm lies in its ability to offer both a place to relax and a place to party, making it a must for those looking to meet in Dijon's gay scene.

Address18 Av. Garibaldi, 21000 Dijon, France
Phone numberInstagram
Opening hours and daysThursday-Friday: 18:00-02:00; Saturday: 18:00-02:00; Tuesday-Wednesday: 18:00-00:00
Website (or social networking page)
Opinion (with opinion source) : Score out of 54.8 based on 87 reviews (Google)
Details of "Lambda" in Dijon

The Universe


L'Univers stands out as an elegant cocktail bar nestled in the heart of Dijon, and represents a privileged destination for the LGBTQ+ community. Its reputation for offering a refined cocktail menu in a chic yet relaxed atmosphere is well established. What makes L'Univers so special is its inviting terrace and openness to a variety of themed evenings that attract a diverse gay clientele looking for a friendly, sophisticated meeting place. The concert program and the possibility of bringing your own food add a unique touch to the experience, facilitating interaction and cultural exchange. L'Univers is therefore the perfect place for those wishing to mingle with Dijon's gay nightlife while enjoying inventive cocktails in a setting that encourages conversation and encounters.

NameThe Universe
Address47 Rue Berbisey, 21000 Dijon, France
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysThursday-Wednesday: 18:00-02:00 (Sunday until 00:00, Monday closed)
Website (or social networking page)
Opinion (with opinion source) : Score out of 54.4 based on 259 reviews (Google)
Details of "L'Univers" in Dijon

Peub - Club (temporarily closed)

peub club

Le Peub - Club is a staple of Dijon's gay nightlife, even though it has temporarily closed its doors. This gay bar, located in the heart of the city, is renowned for its festive and inclusive atmosphere, attracting a diverse and open-minded clientele.
Before its temporary closure, Peub - Club was the scene of many memorable evenings, offering visitors a vibrant stage to dance, meet new people and enjoy a variety of themed evenings. Positive reviews testify to the welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, making this bar a favorite among the LGBTQ+ community. Although closed for the time being, the anticipation and hope of a future reopening continues to stir the hearts of its regulars. Le Peub - Club symbolizes the spirit of resilience and festivity of Dijon's gay scene, reminding us of the importance of socializing and support spaces for the community.

NamePeub - Club
Address4 Rue de Serrigny, 21000 Dijon, France
Phone number09 54 85 21 00
Opening hours and daysTemporarily closed
Website (or social networking page)Facebook
Opinion (with opinion source) : Score out of 53.6 based on 30 reviews (Google)
Details of "Peub - Club" in Dijon

Relax sauna (closed)

Sauna le Relax, meanwhile, offers an oasis of relaxation amid the hustle and bustle of Dijon.
This sauna attracts a gay clientele looking for moments of tranquillity and well-being.
With its well-appointed facilities and relaxing atmosphere, Sauna le Relax is the perfect place to unwind after a long week. Visitors can enjoy the benefits of the sauna, hammam and other facilities designed for comfort and relaxation.
Reviews, though few in number, reflect the quality of the welcome and services offered, making this sauna a place appreciated for its privacy and cleanliness. Sauna le Relax plays an essential role in Dijon's gay community, offering a safe and welcoming space to recharge one's batteries and socialize away from the hustle and bustle of nightlife.

NameLe Relax sauna
Address97 Rue Berbisey, 21000 Dijon, France
Phone number03 80 30 14 40
Opening hours and daysclosed
Website (or social networking page)closed
Opinion (with opinion source) : Score out of 53.7 based on 3 reviews (Google)
Details of "Sauna le Relax" in Dijon

Dijon's must-visit gay neighbourhoods

rencontre gay homme 5 4

Dijon, with its rich historical and cultural heritage, also offers a dynamic nightlife and vibrant neighborhoods where the LGBTQ+ community can gather and celebrate.
Here are five not-to-be-missed areas in Dijon where you can meet gay people and enjoy some conviviality.

Downtown (Halles district)

The beating heart of Dijon, the city center, especially around Les Halles, is a meeting point for the gay community. With its cobbled streets, historic buildings and numerous bars, restaurants and cafés, this district offers an idyllic setting for spontaneous encounters and lively evenings.

Montchapet district

Montchapet is a peaceful residential neighborhood just a short distance from the city center. It is appreciated for its more relaxed atmosphere and green spaces, offering the perfect setting for more intimate gatherings or leisurely strolls.

Station district

The Quartier de la Gare, with its proximity to Dijon-Ville station, is a constant hub of activity.
It's a must for many visitors and locals alike, making it easy and varied to meet new people. The many cafés and bistros in the area provide excellent opportunities for socializing.

Drapeau district

The Quartier Drapeau, known for its nightlife, is another popular area for Dijon's gay community. Bars, clubs and other entertainment venues can be found here, creating an electric atmosphere perfect for those looking to party and meet new people.

Junot district

The Quartier Junot, with its more modern charm and numerous green spaces, attracts a young, dynamic population. With its trendy bars and cultural spaces, it's a great place to meet gays, in a setting that's both hip and friendly.

Dijon: Fertile ground for LGBTQ+ meetings

Dijon is proving to be a welcoming and dynamic city for the LGBTQ+ community, where each neighborhood brings its own color to the mosaic of encounters. Whether in the historic heart of downtown, the more relaxed atmosphere of Montchapet, the effervescence of the Quartier de la Gare, the wild nights of Drapeau, or the modernism of Junot, Dijon invites you to discover, exchange and share. Gay-friendly establishments and lively neighborhoods testify to the city's diversity and openness, making Dijon a prime location for members of the LGBTQ+ community looking for connections and adventure.

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