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Trans dating in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region


by Vanessa Charles


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In the Bouches-du-Rhône region, trans and LGBT nightlife is rich and varied, offering a multitude of places to meet, share and celebrate diversity.
From Marseille à Toulonthrough Aix-en-Provence and NiceEach city has its own jewels where the trans community can feel welcomed and valued.

CityCompany nameTypeDescriptionAddressNeighborhood
MarseilleThe 3GBarLesbian and feminist bar, space for conviviality and the fight against homophobia.3 rue Saint-Pierre, 13001 Marseille1st district
MarseilleSalvator saunaSaunaSauna open to all, ideal for relaxation and socializing.20, boulevard Salvator, 13001 Marseille1st
MarseilleLe PulseBarDynamic gay and lesbian bar, perfect for a lively evening.94 Cr Julien, 13001 Marseille, France1st district
La CiotatAux 3 GBarWarm and inclusive bar, hosting themed events.3 rue Saint-Pierre, 13005 Marseille, FranceLe Camas
La CiotatL'Annexe BarBarModern bar renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse welcome.7 rue Saint-Bazile, 13001 Marseille, FranceThe Reformed
La CiotatThe New CancanDiscothequeIconic nightclub with an electrifying atmosphere, open to all.3 rue Sénac de Meilhan, 13001 Marseille, FranceThier
Aix-en-ProvenceSunsetBarModern bar with an electric, inclusive atmosphere.2 rue des MuletiersDowntown
Aix-en-ProvenceEl PapagayoRestaurantElegant restaurant offering an exquisite culinary experience.22 place Forum des CardeursDowntown
ToulonSauna GautamaSaunaGay sauna offering relaxation and conviviality in a luxurious setting.1 AV Marcel Castie, 83000 ToulonDowntown
ToulonThe Pussy CatDiscothequeGay nightclub with an electric and diverse atmosphere.655 AV de Claret, 83000 ToulonMount Farron
ToulonMeet X Cruising BarSexclubMen's naturist club with a relaxed, sensual atmosphere.19 rue Picot 1st floor, 83000 ToulonDowntown
NiceLe GlamClubDynamic LGBT club offering Drag Queens parties, parades and karaoke in an electro or disco atmosphere.6 Rue Eugène Emmanuel, 06300 NiceBasilica of Our Lady of the Assumption
NiceLe CouloirBarIconic LGBT bar offering wacky afterwork sessions for the trans community in Nice.1 Rue Alberti, 06000 NiceJean-Médecin
NiceLe SixClubGay-friendly club with an intimate atmosphere during the week and a more festive atmosphere on weekends, perfect for cruising.6 rue Raoul Bosio, 06000 NiceOld Nice
AntibesLE KLUBBERGay boxA dynamic nightclub, ideal for unforgettable nights.14 Rue Benoît Bunico, 06300 NiceLe Port
AntibesTHE GLAMClubElegant and exclusive upscale club for refined encounters.6 Rue Eugene Emanuel, 06000 NiceDowntown
AntibesRainbow BarGay barA bar renowned for its excellent cocktails and themed evenings.9 Rue Bonaparte, 06300 NiceLe Port
Trans meeting place in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Meet Transgender people in PACA region

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In search of a trans encounter in Marseille ? The city of Marseille is full of places where the trans and LGBT community can meet and flourish.
Come and discover the best bars, clubs and other inviting spaces for unforgettable encounters.

The 3G

at 3G image

3G is much more than just a bar, it's a place to meet, share and fight homophobia. This lesbian and feminist bar is a place of conviviality and exchange appreciated by the LGBT community. An emblematic lesbian and feminist bar, known for its commitment against homophobia and its atmosphere of sharing.

Salvator Sauna

image 1

Sauna Salvator stands out for its welcoming atmosphere and openness to all, including gays, trans and bisexuals. It's the ideal place to relax and meet new people in an intimate, respectful setting.

Le Pulse

marseille lepulse lgbt

Le Pulse is a dynamic gay and lesbian bar, perfect for a lively evening in Marseille.
With a varied selection of DJs and a warm atmosphere, it's a privileged meeting place for the LGBT community.

La Ciotat

In search of trans encounters in La Ciotat ? Then you've come to the right place! Discover the best places to meet trans people in La Ciotat and the surrounding area.

L'Annexe Bar

lanexxe bar marseille

Located in the heart of Marseille, L'Annexe Bar is a vibrant place where diversity is celebrated.
This establishment is renowned for its welcoming setting and varied clientele, offering a safe space for trans people. The bar is distinguished by its modern decor and lively evenings, where you can relax and meet like-minded people. The L'Annexe Bar team is known for

The New Cancan

marseille bar newcancan

Looking for a wild night out and unexpected encounters? The New Cancan is your destination of choice. This iconic nightclub is known for its electrifying atmosphere and inclusive spirit. It's the perfect place for those who like to dance and mingle with a diverse crowd.
With its upbeat music and breathtaking drag shows, The New Cancan attracts a diverse clientele, including trans people. It's a

Aux 3 G

at 3G image

If you're looking for a warm and inclusive place, Aux 3 G is the place to be. A warm and inclusive bar, where the atmosphere is relaxed and conducive to encounters. This bar offers an intimate and welcoming setting where trans people and their allies can feel at ease to socialize and share pleasant moments.
The space offers an intimate and welcoming setting where trans people and their allies can feel comfortable socializing and sharing good times. The bar regularly organizes themed events and evenings, creating a festive and inclusive atmosphere.
The welcome is always warm, and you'll easily find someone to chat with over a drink.


Dating, trans, Aix-en-Provence - three words that open the doors to a vibrant, colorful world.
Come and discover the hidden gems of Aix-en-Provence, a city that vibrates to the rhythm of diversity and inclusion.


lesunset aixenprovence

Sunset, a hidden gem for the trans community in Aix-en-Provence, stands out for its intimate setting and modern decor. It's a place where diversity is celebrated every day.
With a varied program including DJ sets and themed evenings, Sunset offers an electric and inclusive atmosphere. The bar is known for its innovative cocktails and friendly staff, making every visit a unique experience. Here, socializing comes naturally, encouraged by a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. Sunset isn't just a bar, it's a gateway to unforgettable encounters within the trans community.

El Papagayo

lepagayo restaurant aixenprovence

El Papagayo, a restaurant in the heart of Aix-en-Provence, is an oasis for the trans community. Renowned for its exquisite cuisine and elegant setting, El Papagayo offers an unforgettable culinary experience. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, encouraging encounters between people from all walks of life. Themed evenings and special events, such as dinner shows, make El Papagayo a prime venue for socializing and entertaining.
The outdoor terrace is particularly popular on summer evenings, creating an idyllic setting for intimate conversations under the stars.


In search of a trans encounter in Toulon ? A city full of charm and opportunities to meet trans people, shemales, tgirls and, of course, the LGBT community in general.
Whether you're just passing through or a local looking for new experiences, follow me to discover some iconic places.

The Sauna Gautama, a haven of peace for trans encounters


The Sauna Gautama is Toulon's hidden gem for the trans community. Imagine a 250m² space dedicated to well-being and encounters. It's not just a sauna; it's a sanctuary of relaxation where the warmth of a hammam blends with a welcoming, social atmosphere.

Here, you can lounge in the spa, exchange glances in the reading corner or even share a snack at the bar. The atmosphere is cosy, conducive to intimate discussions and new encounters. It's the ideal place to relax, meet trans people, ladyboys or simply LGBT friends.

This sauna is the perfect blend of intimacy and conviviality. Whether you're here to relax or socialize, you'll find what you're looking for. And remember, respect and discretion are king here!

The Pussy Cat, an electrifying nightclub for trannies

image 3

Le Pussy Cat isn't just a nightclub; it's an epicenter of trans culture in Toulon. With its techno, house, funk and disco rhythms, it's the perfect place to get your groove on and make some unforgettable encounters.

From the moment you walk in, you're greeted by a vibrant energy and an atmosphere where every trans, shemale or member of the LGBT community instantly feels at home. The lights, the music, everything is designed to transport you to a world where barriers crumble and authenticity reigns.

Here, you can dance the night away, flirt in the more intimate corners, or simply enjoy the music and good company. It's a place of freedom, joy and diverse encounters, perfect for those looking to connect with the trans community.

Meet X Cruising Bar, a dating paradise for the trans community

image 2

Meet X Cruising Bar is more than just a bar, it's a celebration of diversity and freedom. This male naturist sexclub is a must in Toulon for those seeking trans and LGBT encounters in a relaxed, sensual atmosphere.

From the moment you walk through the door, you're immersed in a world where respect and freedom of expression are paramount. The venue offers a variety of zones - from a friendly bar to an intriguing labyrinth, to multi-video rooms featuring the best gay labels. It's a space in which every trans, gay or simply curious person can feel comfortable exploring and meeting.

Evenings at Meet X are electrifying, with a diverse and open-minded community. Whether you're here for a fling, a fling, or just to socialize, you'll find your place. And remember, safety and cleanliness are priorities here, so relax and enjoy the moment!


In search of a trans meeting in Nice ? The city of Nice, with its Mediterranean charm, proves to be a real place for trans encounters.

Glam, a colorful LGBT club


The beating heart of trans nightlife, with Drag Queens parties, fashion shows and an electric atmosphere.
This establishment is a veritable melting pot of LGBT culture, where shemales, ladyboys and trans people rub shoulders in an electric atmosphere. Imagine dazzling Drag Queens parties, colorful parades and karaoke where everyone can express their unique voice. The atmosphere is a skilful blend of disco and electro, creating a space where everyone, whatever their orientation, can feel fully welcomed.

Le Couloir, a warm and friendly transient bar


Le Couloir is the small, intimate bar where Nice's trans community likes to meet.
For over two decades, this venue has been a pillar of LGBTQ+ life on the French Riviera. Every evening, starting at 6pm, Le Couloir hosts afterworks where sharing and meeting new people are the watchwords.
People come here to drink, snack and, above all, to network.

Le Six, the festive reference for Nice's LGBT scene

Le Six stands out as an emblematic establishment of Nice's gay-friendly nightlife. With its decor combining modernity and baroque touches, it's the place to be for night owls in search of festive evenings and trans encounters.


Antibes and surrounding areas, a city rich in diversity and opportunities to meet the trans community.
Whether you're looking for new friends, love or just a fun evening out, Antibes and the surrounding area offer a wide range of options.


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If you're looking for an out-of-the-ordinary nightlife experience in Nice, LE KLUBBER is the place to be. This club is famous for its electrifying atmosphere and warm welcome to the trans community. With its modern decor and state-of-the-art sound system, you're sure to have a memorable evening. The staff, always


leglam nice club 1

LE GLAM is distinguished by its elegance and sophisticated ambience, making it a favorite spot for the trans community in Nice. The club is known for its luxurious setting and exclusive atmosphere, offering an unforgettable nightlife experience. The music is always carefully selected, creating the perfect atmosphere for refined encounters. GLAM is the ideal place for those looking to mingle in a chic yet welcoming environment, where respect and diversity are the order of the day.

Rainbow Bar

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The Rainbow Bar is the place to be for trans encounters in Nice. Known for its excellent cocktails and themed evenings, this bar offers a cheerful atmosphere and a welcoming setting for all.


In search of new trans encounter in Avignon ?
Avignon, a vibrant and welcoming city for the trans community.

L'Esclave Bar

lesclave avignon

L'Esclave Bar is a haven for the LGBTQ+ community, offering a space for freedom and expression. The atmosphere is both warm and stimulating, encouraging enriching encounters. With a diverse and open-minded clientele, this bar is an ideal place to connect and share in a respectful and joyful environment.

Le Grand Café

grandcafe avignon

Le Grand Café is an ideal meeting place for those seeking a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere. Its elegant setting and warm welcome to the LGBTQ+ community make it the perfect place for authentic rendezvous and exchange.

L'Opéra Café

loperacafe avignon

L'Opéra Café, with its elegant and welcoming setting, is a popular meeting place for the LGBTQ+ community. It offers a relaxing and stylish environment, ideal for enriching encounters and exchanges.
An elegant and relaxing meeting place, popular with the LGBTQ+ community.

The Bouches-du-Rhône region, a pleasant place for the Trans Community

Bouches-du-Rhône is proving to be a particularly welcoming and dynamic region for the trans community. From Marseille à Aix-en-Provencethrough La Ciotat, Toulonand AntibesThe region offers a diverse range of venues, from intimate bars to effervescent clubs, where diversity and self-expression are celebrated.
These cities are havens of conviviality, exchange and respect, where the trans community can come together and forge strong links, in an inclusive and joyful environment.

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