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Asian Dating Sites

AsianDating is an online dating platform for those looking for love or new friendships with people from Asia or the rest of the world. Since its inception, it has gained a large number of loyal users and today, over 2.5 million singles trust this site to find love.

  • AsianDating is easy to use and has many features to help you find the right person for you.
  • The registration is free and very simple: you just have to fill in an online form with some personal information and create your profile by adding a photo and a description of yourself.
  • The site also has advanced search tools to help you find people who share your interests and values.

Don't miss this opportunity to find love on AsianDating. Sign up now and discover all the possibilities of meeting new people!


Active members

1 660 000



Average age

22-25 years old



I register for free ->


  • Ability to send messages without having to pay for a premium version.
  • Simplified search process through a legitimate matching system.
  • Websites secured.
  • Customer support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all your questions.


  • Advertisements if you choose the free version.
  • You can't transcribe releases in your idiom if you choose the gold or standard edition.

asiandating homepage


I personally tried AsianDating and I must say I was pleasantly surprised! The home screen is practical and intuitive, and registration is easy.

The registration process is quick and easy, just fill in a basic form with personal information such as your name, gender, age, e-mail address and password.

After registering, you are directly introduced to a variety of profiles. From what I've seen, the profiles are quite varied, with a wide range of ages. An advanced search enables you to find profiles matching your expectations. Even if you're very demanding, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for!

I would recommend AsianDating for those looking for a relationship with an Asian person. But be careful! Profiles come from all over the world, so be prepared to possibly have a long-distance relationship or have to move to join your loved one!

However, when I entered the site, I saw 1 Asian profile out of 10. Not obviously for those looking exclusively for an Asian profile!

asiandating home


Whether you're looking for traditional romance or a modern dating experience, AsianDating is a popular online dating site for those interested in Asian culture. and are looking to find love with people from this culture.

With more than 4.5 million members, there is no doubt that you will find what you are looking for!

It's a dating site that features a large number of attractive singles profiles from all over the world, each with their own unique personality. Whether you're looking for a serious relationship or a simple friendship, AsianDating is the ideal place to find your ideal partner!

Thanks to advanced searches, you can easily find people who meet your selection criteria. Profiles come from these countries: China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam..

Whether you enjoy reading by the fireside or hiking, you're sure to find like-minded people on AsianDating !

Promo Code

On AsianDatingYou can also get a discount by using a coupon code! First, you need to create an account on their site. Then, when you're ready to pay for your subscription, look for the option to enter a promo code or discount. Then simply enter the promo code you found online in the space provided and click "Apply" to see the discount applied to your subscription.

If you would like to receive exclusive offers on a regular basis, you can subscribe to theAsianDating. To do this, go to their website and look for a newsletter sign-up form. You'll need to provide your email address and perhaps other information like your name or country of residence. Once you sign up, you will receive regular emails with exclusive offers, dating tips and other useful information.

In addition to the promo codes, AsianDating also offers discounts on Gold subscriptions, Turntable or Diamond for 3 or 12 months. Save up to 35% on a 3-month subscription and up to 67% on a 12-month subscription!


Gold subscription

L'GOLD subscription will give you the following benefits:

  • Unlimited communication
  • Unlock received messages
  • More ads
  • Make your profile and photos private

PLATINUM subscription

The following benefits will be granted with this subscription:

  • The advantages ofGOLD subscription
  • Enlarge your profile space
  • Exclusive searches to refine your results
  • Have better matches
  • Automatic translation of messages
  • Better referencing on results

DIAMOND subscription

This subscription gives you access to many advantages:

asiandating benefits subscription

The prices

1 week17,24 €20,49 €40,99 €
1 month34,48 €40,99 €81,98 €
3 months22.99 / month (total = €68.98)27.33 / month (total = €81.99)54.66 / month (total = €163.99)
12 months11.50 / month (total = €137.98)13.67 / month (total = €163.99)27.33 / month (total = €327.98)
asiandating offers subscription


Advanced search

AsianDating features an incredibly practical advanced search function!

You can easily carry out a targeted search based on specific criteria such as age, location, physical appearance, interests or profession, and much more to find potential partners more easily and quickly!

asiandating advanced search

Saved search

Once you have completed your search using your selection criteria, you can save your search using the "Save" function.Saved search" .

This way, you won't have to fill in all the search criteria every time you log on, which can sometimes be redundant! This saves you time and allows you to concentrate on profiles that match your preferred criteria.

asiandating research saved


With the CupidTagYou have access to hundreds of keywords to help you refine your search and find the profile that's right for you! Whether you're looking for a swimming enthusiast or a book lover, simply add the tag "sports" or "reading" to refine your search results. This feature enables you to carry out faster, more precise searches in just a few clicks.

asiandating correspondances

Instant messaging

Messaging on AsianDating is instantaneous, simple and easy to use. You can communicate quickly and efficiently with the profiles that interest you.

What's more, if you come across people behaving inappropriately, don't hesitate to block or report them for your own safety and comfort.

asiandating messages


On AsianDatingThanks to the "Likes" feature, you can see the profiles you've liked.

This feature is useful for finding out who is interested in you and making it easier for you to choose your penfriends..

asiandating like


The "Favorites" on AsianDating allows you to find profiles you have added to your favorites, as well as those who have added you to their favorites. This allows you to see who's interested in you and keep track of the profiles you particularly like!

asianandating favorites

Red List

AsianDating offers a handy feature called "Red List", which allows you to see all the members you have blocked. This will enable you to prevent these members from contacting you, which can be useful for avoiding guys who are a bit too heavy! (right, girls?).

asiandating red list

Profile check

Thanks to this feature, no more "fake" accounts! AsianDating offers to check your profile by providing a photo of your passport, driving license or identity card.

This will help increase trust and security between members to give us a much better experience, and remove that fear of not talking to the right person.

Online Members

A special category on the site groups together all the members who are online at the same time as you, which can increase your chances of finding your ideal partner. By communicating with members who are connected at the same time as you, you can exchange information more quickly and perhaps find your soulmate more easily. !

asiandating members online

Social networks & Contacts

Mailing address

Cupid Media Pty Ltd
PO Box 9304
Gold Coast MC QLD 9726

Office address

Level 5
2502 / 5 Lawson Street
Southport QLD 4215

Please have the following information ready before you call:
Site Name: AsianDating
Your e-mail address
AsianDating answers calls Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm. Queensland time, Australia.

Australia: (07) 3186 9461
United States / Canada: 1-844-387-7807
United Kingdom: 0808 164 1512
International: +61 7 3186 9461

Email: [email protected]

Mobile application

AsianDating offers an incredibly convenient mobile application for Android users, which is available exclusively on the Google Play Store. With this application, you can access all the features of the dating site, including searching for profiles, sending messages and updating your description, all from their cell phone.

This application allows members to stay connected and communicate with other members wherever they are, whenever they want. Plus, they can receive push notifications for new posts or matches, so they can stay up to date and not miss a thing!

With the mobile application ofAsianDatingthe search for love has never been easier!


How to register on AsianDating?

1. Access theAsianDating.
2. Click on the "Registration" .
3. Enter your first name, your gender, your age, the gender you're looking for, your e-mail address and choose a password.
4. Upload a flattering photo of yourself for your profile.
5. You can now complete your profile with more information about yourself, your interests and what you're looking for.

How do I unsubscribe from AsianDating?

To unsubscribe, follow these simple steps:
- Click on your profile picture, then click on the "Account settings" button.
- In the section "Manage account" click on "Deactivate profile" .
- You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to deactivate your profile and, if you wish, give a reason, then confirm your action.

How do I download the AsianDating mobile application?

1. To download the mobile application AsianDatinggo to Google Play and search for "AsianDating"in the search bar.
2. Click on the download button to install the application on your Android smartphone or tablet.
3. Once installed, you can login or register directly from the app to start meeting Asian singles.

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