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Chatiw is a dating site that allows you to expand your social circle. It is a legitimate option for meeting new people and making friends, or even finding new romantic connections.

  • Popular and constantly growing
  • A quality platform to expand your network of contacts
  • Many features to facilitate meetings and exchanges

If you are looking for new opportunities to meet people and discover new things, Chatiw could be the ideal dating site for you. Do not hesitate to register now to enjoy all it has to offer.

Active members

44 250



Average age

24-36 years old



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  • The creation of a profile is free
  • Global access to make friends
  • Instant access
  • Simple but complete chat system in terms of functionality
  • User-friendly and customized options
  • Strong customer support
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use website
  • Chatiw uses a powerful GPS: users cannot falsify their location


  • There is no verification method
  • The discussion history is deleted
  • A basic profile cannot search for potential contacts
  • Not ideal for finding soul mates: it's mainly for occasional fun
  • VIP membership is not as advantageous as free membership
  • There is a chance to meet fake people
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A free online discussion platform, without an account, with users from all over the world? Yes, it's possible!

Chatiw is a very convenient and easy to use online chat site. I like the fact that there is no need to register to start chatting with other users, which allows me to quickly connect with people from all over the world, and not clog up my mailbox!

The site's features are also very useful, including the ability to share images with other users, and meet them with the video chat. I also appreciate the possibility of chat in private mode with a user specific, which allows for personal and intimate conversations.

However, I had some negative experiences with unwanted users, but it is easy to block them and report them.

I would recommend Chatiw to those looking to chat with new people and expand their circle of friends online. It is a friendly and fun site overall, there is no specific purpose for going to this site. It's generally people who want to chat and have fun most of the time.



Chatiw is an online chat platform that allows users to chat with people around the world in real time. Whether you are looking to meet new friends, à flirt with interesting people or simply to talk with people who share your interestsChatiw is an excellent place to do so.

The platform is easy to use and no registration requiredwhich means you can start chatting immediately. Just enter a nickname, select your gender and age, and start chatting with other users! As easy as saying hello!



Chatiw offers several features to facilitate conversation between users of the site, such as emoticons or images.
Users can also choose to discuss with a specific user or block unwanted usersbut also to discuss with them with the feature " Video chat" .

function emoticons chatiw


On Chatiwit is possible to send emoticons when chatting with other users. When you are chatting with someone on Chatiw, you will see an emoticon toolbar below the text entry box. By clicking on this toolbar, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of emoticons to express your emotions.

Adding emoticons can help improve communication and make conversations more enjoyable. They can also help clarify the tone of a conversation or show that you are joking. It is a simple functionalitybut effective that makes conversations about Chatiw more fun and interesting.

image function chatiw

The images

On Chatiw, it is possible to send images during conversations with other users. This feature allows you to share photos, illustrations or graphics with others to better illustrate a discussion or simply to add a little color and fun to the conversation.

When you talk to someone about Chatiwyou will see a photo icon icon in the toolbar below the text entry area. By clicking on this icon, you can select an image from your device or gallery to send it to the person you are talking to.

message function chatiw


With this feature, you can connect you with Chatiw users in real time and exchange instant messages with them.
You can discuss with people from all walks of lifeof all cultures and all countriesThis can be a rewarding and exciting experience.

Using Chatiw's chat feature, you can also practice your communication and foreign language skills. You can talk with people whose native language is different from yours and learn new expressions, of words and sentences that you may not have known before.

Block unwanted users

On Chatiw, you can easily block people you don't want in your contact list or with whom you don't want to talk anymore. Blocking a user prevents that person from sending you messages or chat requests.

To block a user on Chatiw, simply click on their name in your contact list and select the " Block" .

Blocking users on Chatiw can help you to maintain a positive and pleasant chat environment. If you want to avoid users who do not share your interests or who have negative attitudes, you can simply block them and focus on the users you are most interested in.

Video chat

On Chatiwit is possible to make video chats with other users. This feature allows you to communicate in real time with people from all over the world and see their faces and expressions during the conversation.

During the conversation, you can also use the instant messaging to send text messages to the user.

It is important to note that to use the video chat feature on Chatiw, you must have a webcam and a functional microphone. In addition, it is recommended to use a stable Internet connection to avoid cuts or problems with image or sound quality during the conversation.

mobile application google play chatiw
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Mobile application

Chatiw is available as a mobile application on Google PlayGoogle's Android application store.
Users of a smartphone or Android tablet will be able to download the Chatiw application from Google Play and install it on their device.

However, it is important to note that Chatiw is currently not available as an application on the Apple App Store. However, iPhone and iPad users can still access Chatiw using the web browser on their mobile device.

Chatiw's website is optimized for mobile devices, which means that it automatically adapts to the screen size of the device used.

In conclusion, Chatiw is an online chat platform that offers many features to communicate with other users from all over the world. So why not get started.



How to register on Chatiw?

chatiw data registration

No need to register on Chatiw!

All you have to do is fill in a chosen nicknameto select your genderyour ageyour country of residenceas well as your sector.

Is the site paid for?

No! The site is 100% free!

Why can't I connect to the site?

If a problem occurs, check your internet connection.
If the problem is not solved, it may be due to a bug in the platform.

If you encounter a problem, please call on Chatiw's technical team by email: [email protected]

In conclusion, Chatiw is an online chat platform that offers many features to communicate with other users from all over the world.
In conclusion, Chatiw is an online chat platform that offers many features to communicate with other users from all over the world.

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