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Russian Encounters

Mamba is an online dating site that connects to people from all over the world. With a presence in more than 1,000 cities, it functions as a social networking platform where users can meet people from different nationalities, such as the United States, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada, etc. In reality, Mamba is actually a collection of 25,000 independent dating sections, including large portals and editorial sites.

There are several reasons to use Mamba:

  • To meet people from different countries and cultures around the world.
  • To take advantage of an easy-to-use social networking platform available in many cities.
  • To access a wide variety of independent dating sections offered on the site.

Mamba is for anyone looking for new matches and new online dating experiences, no matter where they are or what their culture is. It is especially suitable for people who are looking to meet people from different countries and expand their network.

Active members

24 400 000


1 week

Average age

20-30 years old



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  • Quick results using digital intelligence to find potential close matches.
  • Security to interact and hang out with international people.
  • Blocking the suspicious accounts and false activities.
  • Support 24/7.
  • Simplified registration through the use of social networks.
  • Live streaming is the most important feature.


  • The majority of users are from Russia and Eastern Europe, which can make it difficult to difficult communication if you are from another region.
  • There are many silence following the messages.
  • There are many people looking for short meetings and occasional linksThis can make it difficult for those looking for long-term commitments.
  • The rates are not easily accessible.


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