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Tantan is a China-based mobile dating application for individuals looking for serious relationships or just a fun time. Commonly referred to as "China's Tinder", it offers its users the possibility to discover new people located near their current location.

Originating from mainland China, Tantan has established itself as a popular dating application around the world thanks to its interesting features:

  • The swipe function (similar to Tinder) is its main asset
  • Video sharing
  • Games and quizzes to pass the time

With these features, Tantan has attracted millions of users worldwide in their search for entertainment or serious relationships.

In summary, Tantan is a Chinese mobile dating app for people looking for serious relationships or casual moments. It offers a swipe function similar to Tinder and has other features like video sharing, games and quizzes. It is used by millions of users worldwide. If you're looking to meet new people near you or just have some fun, don't hesitate to try Tantan!

Active members

804 000



Average age

25-30 years old



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  • Free and easy registration - Registering with Tantan is easy to do and requires no cost.
  • Millions of members - Tantan offers millions of members around the world, which are accessible through its various features.
  • Automatic recommendations - Once registered and logged into the application, Tantan will recommend matching profiles.
  • User-friendly interface - The application's interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Swipe - Tantan implements the scanning method to like or bypass the corresponding profiles.
  • Various features - The application offers games and chat platforms to enhance the member experience.
  • Location - Members can search for other participants near their current location.
  • Sharing photos and videos - Members can share videos and updates by uploading them to the app.
  • Accessible upgrades - The application offers upgrades to more interesting features at reasonable prices.
  • Secure payment options - Tantan offers payment options to ensure secure processing of transactions and information.
  • Data protection - Tantan ensures the confidentiality of information and the overall security of its members.


  • Limiting the use of mobile devicesTantan is specially designed for use on smartphones and tablets, and does not have a web version for larger screens on desktops or laptops.
  • Insufficient informationThe registration does not require much data, which leaves a lot of room for false and unverified profiles.
  • Additional fees: Registration is free, but a small fee is required to take advantage of all the features.


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