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Camille Cabral's candidacy for the legislative elections


by Vanessa Charles


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Camille CabralBorn on May 31, 1994 in Cabaceiras, Brazil, is a French activist and politician. Pro-prostitution candidate, she ran for the 2007 legislative elections in Paris in the 10th arrondissement (fifth district of Paris).

She is the first trans person elected in France. Her battle horse: For the recognition of the profession of sex workerShe is a candidate for the European Parliament, as in Holland, Denmark, Catalonia, etc. She used to be a Green activist, but the Greens did not follow her on these issues. She used to be a Green activist, but the Greens did not follow her on these issues, so she is running as an independent candidate.

"We have to be consistent. When you ask for equal opportunities and freedom for all, you have to go all the way. But when I spoke of social rights for sex workers, and the recognition of the status of prostitutes as it exists in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Catalonia ... it has caused a scandal, "she says. "People talk to me about the commodification of the body, but everyone has the right to dispose of theirs freely! Giving social rights to these people is the best way to fight against the mafia and the pimps." 

However, it is unfortunate that the debate on the normalization of prostitutes' work has been abandoned by the parties more " installed "Such as the UMP, the PS, the UDF, the FN, the PC or the MoDem. By leaving this debate to the isolated, different, original candidates, who necessarily make small scores, the system promotes the idea that all this is not very serious and not worth the trouble.

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