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Spain: Sex tourism at the French border


by Vanessa Charles


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After crossing the border of Perthus, after the village of La Jonquera on the National Road, you will find one of the biggest "prostibulo" (brothel) in Spain, the "Lady's Dallas" club.

The director supervises and controls a sexual empire where 100 to 140 girls work and offer their services in 60 available rooms. Every day, around 500 people, mostly French, pass through the premises.

Prostitution in Spain

The Interior Council of Catalonia claims that in the area under consideration there are at least fifteen "clubs" in which nearly 500 girls work, as well as a hundred who work on foot on the roads (and parking lots).

In 2005, the police reduced the number of foreign prostitutes to between 30 and 35%, according to a police official. It is claimed that 70% of the "clients" are French, some of them traveling more than 500 km to take advantage of services that in their country are almost clandestine.

This is a vacation hotel" says the manager of Lady's Dallas "girls call me from all over the world to book a room (for two) for 70 euros a day including meals. What they do afterwards is their problem, I don't interfere. I pay my taxes religiously to the different administrations: I have all the papers in order, I give work to 35 families ".

The Dallas is not the only "prostibulo" in the area. A few kilometers away, still on the National 11, a former seaside hotel has also been converted into a "prostibulo".
The "Madam's" with a hundred girls where it would pass between 10,000 and 15,000 customers per month, and has 48 rooms.
I have nothing to hide, I pay more than 600 euros per year per room as tax to the local municipality. Here there are no imposed hours or pressure, the girls come to work in complete freedom. The only thing they are interested in is making money "assures the manager of "Madam's".

The New York Times opinion

According to the New York Times, many young French and other Europeans cross the border at La Jonquera to have paid sex, especially with young emigrant women who are practically slaves.

In this article, Suzanne Daley, the New York Times reporter, lets her readers know that during the economic crisis that is hitting Spain, the prostitution market is exploding. The sex trade is easily seen in the streets, both in small towns and in big cities.

La Jonquera was a quiet border town where truckers used to rest and where French tourists used to come to buy typical handicrafts such as pottery or leather goods.

But now, according to Suzanne Daley, prostitution is the most important business in La Jonquera as it is in many places in Spain, where this activity is perfectly legal.

Suzanne Daley states in her article that thousands of women are forced to work, most often for very low wages due to the economic crisis, in various places such as luxury clubs, private apartments, construction sites or on the roads alone.
There is little reliable data on this topic, but a 2010 report indicates that between 200,000 and 400,000 women are believed to be working in prostitution and 90% of them are trafficked.

According to the New York Times, the cause of this prostitution boom is due to the loose immigration laws until 2010 and the high demand of young tourists.

The newspaper also denounces the local market based on a 2009 United Nations report in which 39% of Spanish men admitted to having visited a prostitute at least once.
"In Spain, it's perfectly acceptable for business meetings to end with a visit to a brothel," says Susan Daley.

30 years ago, almost all prostitutes in Spain were Spanish. Today, the vast majority are women who entered the country illegally, true modern-day slaves.
The prostitution networks that exploit them are numerous and varied. Some exploit women from Eastern European countries, others Nigerian women who are forced to stay in Spain because their families are threatened in their countries of origin. Latin America also provides large contingents of prostitutes from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and elsewhere.

If some politicians would like to make prostitution illegal in Spain, many associations inform them that this would reinforce the clandestinity and would complicate their tasks to help the women victims of this traffic.

New York Times video on prostitution in Spain:


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