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Gay dating in Lyon : Gastronomy & Seduction


by Vanessa Charles


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Looking for gay encounters, wild nights out, or simply a welcoming LGBT venue in Lyon? The capital of the Gauls, renowned for its conviviality and open-mindedness, offers a wide range of bars, clubs and spaces where the homosexual community can find its happiness.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
It Pub BarBar80s and electro ambience with delicious cocktails20 bis montée Saint-SébastienCroix-Rousse
Le L barBarLesbian bar with a dark and colorful atmosphere, cocktails and burgers19 rue du GaretCordeliers
XS BarBarWarm ambience with regularly renewed thematic decoration19 rue ClaudiaSaint-Paul
Le Drôle de ZèbreBarEclectic atmosphere with jazz, funk, disco and rock music, daily happy hour6 Rue de Cuire, 69004 LyonCroix-Rousse
Le Baston (closed)Bar/ClubQueer, activist and inclusive culture with a variety of spaces for relaxation and entertainment33 quai FulchironSaint-Just
La Ruche (closed)BarLyon's oldest LGBT venue with sunny terrace and friendly atmosphere22 r Gentil, 69002 LyonLes Cordeliers
Gay dating in Lyon

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Where to meet gays in Lyon?

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With its historic districts, inviting green spaces and lively streets, the City of Lights offers a wide range of possibilities for those looking to make new acquaintances or experience unforgettable moments.
Whether you're looking for a festive atmosphere, an intimate setting or a place steeped in history, Lyon has many facets to welcome diversity in all its forms.

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Le L bar


At L bar, Lyon's only lesbian bar, you enter a world apart.
It's not just a bar, it's a refuge where the dark, colorful atmosphere invites you to share and discover. The smiling, friendly owner and barmaids contribute to a relaxed, convivial atmosphere. Here, people come to enjoy exquisite cocktails or venture to try one of the famous burgers, available in organic, vegetarian and vegan versions.
It's a place that stands out for its lively evenings, lively music, and plenty of entertainment to encourage meetings and discussions. Whether you're looking for a new friendship or love, Le L bar offers the ideal setting for authentic encounters in the LGBT community. The diversity of events organized here guarantees that every visit will be a new and enriching experience.

NameLe L bar
Address19 rue du Garet, Lyon
Phone number04 78 27 83 18
Opening hours and daysDaily from 6:00 pm to 4:00 am (except Mondays until 1:00 am)
Website or social networking pageInstagram
Notice (with notice source)4.83/5 521 reviews
Details of "Le L bar" in Lyon

It Pub Bar

it bar

The It Pub Bar is the place to be for an exceptional LGBT evening in Lyon.
Whether you're looking for romance or friendship, this bar is the place to be. With its selection of tasty cocktails and warm welcome, it's hard to resist its charm. The diversity and open-mindedness that prevail here make it a favorite spot for Lyon's gay community, as well as for anyone looking for a cozy place where music creates connections. Don't forget to ask the DJ for your favorite track! Here, every evening is unique, thanks to a musical program that adapts to the desires of our clientele.

NameIt Pub Bar
Address20 bis montée Saint-Sébastien, Lyon
Phone number06 30 10 89 69
Opening hours and daysFriday and Saturday, 0:30 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.
Website or social networking pagefacebook
Notice (with notice source)4.1/5 34 reviews
Details of the "It Pub Bar" in Lyon

XS Bar


XS Bar is the beating heart of Lyon's gay nightlife, a place where human warmth and hospitality are the watchwords. The decor, which changes according to theme, creates an atmosphere that's both intimate and festive. This convivial space is the ideal setting for unforgettable encounters, whether over a drink or at one of its famous parties.

The XS Bar is known for its relaxed atmosphere, where everyone immediately feels at ease. The cocktails, true works of art, are concocted with care and passion, promising moments of gustatory pleasure.

NameXS Bar
Address19 rue Claudia, Lyon
Phone number 09 62 16 69 92
Opening hours and daysDaily from 5:00 pm to 3:00 am, Saturday until 4:00 am
Website or social networking pagefacebook
Notice (with notice source)4.3/5 515 reviews
Details of the "XS Bar" in Lyon

Le Drôle de Zèbre

the funny zebra

Le Drôle de Zèbre is a veritable elixir of freshness in Lyon's LGBT landscape.
With its eclectic mix of jazz, funk, disco and rock, this venue is a celebration of musical and human diversity.
A daily happy hour policy and a warm welcome from the manager make this bar a place where people like to get together and share convivial moments.

This café in the heart of the Croix Rousse is a meeting place for free and open minds, a place where barriers come down and every encounter is an adventure.

NameLe Drôle de Zèbre
Address6 Rue de Cuire, 69004 Lyon
Phone number04 72 07 02 89
Opening hours and daysDaily from 10:00 to 01:00 (closes at midnight on Mondays)
Website or social networking pagefacebook
Notice (with notice source)4.6/5 63 reviews
Details of "Le Drôle de Zèbre" in Lyon

Le Baston (closed)

Le Baston stands as a bastion of queer, militant and inclusive culture in Lyon.
Nestling on the banks of the Rhône, this venue is a hymn to tolerance and love in all its forms.
As soon as you walk through its doors, you're welcomed into a space where diversity and creativity are king. From its open kitchen where laughter and discussion mingle, to its convivial smoking room, its games room where frenzied games take place, and its large bar that serves as a prelude to memorable evenings, Le Baston offers a unique experience.

The scene is regularly alive with breathtaking drag shows, where the art of cross-dressing is celebrated in all its splendor and diversity.
Every nook and cranny is an invitation to self-discovery and self-expression, making Le Baston a privileged meeting place for Lyon's gay and queer community.
Extended opening hours mean that everyone can find a moment to enjoy the warm, festive atmosphere, from Tuesday to Sunday.

NameLe Baston (closed)
Address33 quai Fulchiron, Lyon
Phone numberclosed
Opening hours and daysclosed
Website or social networking pageclosed
Notice (with notice source)4.7/5 215 reviews
Details of "Le Baston" in Lyon

La Ruche (closed)

La Ruche, Lyon's oldest LGBT haven, opens its doors to you in a setting that's both comfortable and vibrant. Its sunny terrace is the perfect place for relaxed afternoons or lively evenings. This space, steeped in history and conviviality, is a rallying point for the LGBT community looking to share moments of joy and fraternity.

At La Ruche, every encounter is an opportunity to forge links in a safe and welcoming environment. The establishment, with its charming decor and friendly atmosphere, invites conversation and the chance to meet new people. Drinks are available at affordable prices, making it a popular spot at any time of day.

NameLa Ruche (closed)
Address22 r Gentil, 69002 Lyon
Phone numberclosed
Opening hours and daysclosed
Website or social networking pageclosed
Notice (with notice source)4.1/5 150 reviews
Details of "La Ruche" in Lyon

Must-See Areas in Lyon for Gay Dating

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Lyon, with its rich urban fabric and cultural diversity, is dotted with vibrant neighborhoods where the gay community easily finds its place. Here are five must-see neighborhoods in Lyon for rewarding gay encounters, each offering a unique and welcoming atmosphere.

1. La Croix-Rousse

This bohemian, artistic district is renowned for its inclusive spirit and lively nightlife.
With its cobbled streets, quaint cafés and gay-friendly bars, La Croix-Rousse is the place to be for those looking to meet open-minded people in a charming, historic setting.

2. Old Lyon

A historic district par excellence, Vieux Lyon is a veritable labyrinth of medieval alleyways, secret traboules and welcoming squares. The bars and restaurants dotted around the area are perfect spots for spontaneous encounters and romantic evenings.

3. Presqu'île

The beating heart of Lyon, the Presqu'île is brimming with places to go out, stores and terraces where the atmosphere is always just right.
Between Place Bellecour and Place des Terreaux, this dynamic district is ideal for those who enjoy cosmopolitan, urban encounters.

4. Confluence

Modern and avant-garde, the Confluence district stands out for its bold architecture and innovative cultural spaces.
The quays of the Saône, with their bars and green spaces, offer an idyllic setting for sharing and discovering.

5. Guillotière

A mixed neighborhood par excellence, Guillotière is known for its cultural melting pot and its many gay-friendly establishments. It's the ideal place for diverse encounters, in a relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere.

Lyon, a city full of encounters

Lyon, with its vibrant and diverse neighborhoods. Whether it's the historic ambiance of Vieux Lyon, the creative energy of La Croix-Rousse, the effervescence of the Presqu'île, the innovation of Confluence or the diversity of Guillotière, each neighborhood offers a unique setting for sharing and discovery.
Lyon thus confirms its status as an open and welcoming city, where every encounter is marked by authenticity and conviviality.

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