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Gay dating in Rouen : Best Places to Flirt


by Vanessa Charles


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When it comes to gay encounters, lively bars, wild parties and vibrant LGBTQ+ life, Rouen is the epicenter of unforgettable homosexual experiences.
This city, rich in history and culture, offers an exceptional panorama for those looking to explore the gay scene and forge links within the LGBT community.

EstablishmentTypeShort presentationAddressNeighborhood
The MilkBarCosy, lively LGBTQ+ lounge bar offering beers and cocktails, with terrace.1 bis Rue du Père Adam, 76000 RouenHistorical center
XXL DiscothèqueClubDynamic gay disco with dancefloor and happy hours, for wild nights out.25 Rue de la Savonnerie, 76000 RouenDowntown
Sauna Le Rive DroiteSaunaGay sauna offering relaxation and socializing, with dry sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and swimming pool.177 Rte de Paris, 76920 Amfreville-la-Mi-VoieAmfreville-la-Mi-Voie
Le Square saunaSaunaGay sauna in the heart of Rouen with steam room, Finnish sauna and cruising areas.39 Rue Saint-Nicolas, 76000 RouenHistorical center
Le Diablotin Loveshop SexshopSex shopErotic boutique offering a wide range of products to explore sexuality in a respectful environment.62 Rue Lafayette, 76100 RouenLeft bank
Les Enfants TerriblesCabaretLGBTQ+ cabaret with gourmet dinners and transformist shows.8 Rue Théodore Chennevière, 76500 ElbeufElbeuf
Gay dating in Rouen

Where to meet gays in Rouen ?

The Milk

the milk

Le Milk stands out as a sanctuary for those seeking to immerse themselves in a cosy yet exuberant atmosphere, ideal for meeting new people and enjoying authentic exchanges. This lounge bar, located in the heart of the historic district, attracts a predominantly LGBT clientele thanks to its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. With a varied selection of beers and cocktails, it offers the perfect setting for memorable evenings. The restaurant's openness to outside food and its terrace make it a convivial place where conversation flows naturally, encouraging new acquaintances and reunions with friends. The no-booking policy reinforces its spontaneous, inclusive feel, inviting everyone to join the party at any time.

NameThe Milk
Address1 bis Rue du Père Adam, 76000 Rouen
Phone numberNot specified
Opening hours and daysThu 18:00-00:00, Fri-Sat 18:00-02:00, Sun 18:00-23:00, Tue 18:00-00:00, Wed 18:00-01:00
Website or social networking
Notice (with notice source)Score out of 5: 4.7/5 (464 reviews)
Details of "Le Milk" in Rouen

XXL Discothèque

La XXL Discothèque is an institution of Rouen's gay nightlife, offering a space where music, dance and socializing merge to create electric nights.
It's the place to be for night owls in search of a lively atmosphere and a wide variety of encounters. Its happy hours and no-reservations policy make it an accessible and popular venue. The musical variety and extended opening hours into the wee hours of the morning promise unforgettable evenings of bonding to the rhythm of frenzied beats. 

NameXXL Discothèque
Address25 Rue de la Savonnerie, 76000 Rouen
Phone number02 35 88 84 00
Opening hours and daysThu 11:00-05:00, Fri-Sat 10:00-07:00, Sun 11:00-05:00, Tue 11:00-05:00
Website or social networking pageFacebook XXLClubDiscotheque
Notice (with notice source)Score out of 5: 3.1 (205 reviews)
Details of the "XXL Discothèque" in Rouen

Sauna Le Rive Droite

The Sauna Le Rive Droite in Rouen is a haven of peace for the gay community, offering a space dedicated to relaxation and encounters in a respectful and friendly setting.
This sauna, the largest in the region, invites you on a unique sensory voyage thanks to its top-of-the-range facilities: a large dry sauna for relaxation, an enveloping hammam for escape, a spacious Jacuzzi for moments of conviviality, and a refreshing swimming pool.
The village atmosphere and private relaxation cabins guarantee precious privacy, while the video lounge and outdoor area overlooking the Seine provide places to share and exchange. Le Rive Droite is more than a gay sauna; it's a community experience, where respect and well-being are paramount.

NameSauna Le Rive Droite
Address177 Rte de Paris, 76920 Amfreville-la-Mi-Voie
Phone number02 32 12 56 29
Opening hours and daysMon-Wed 12:00-00:00, Thu 12:00-00:00, Fri 12:00-02:00, Sat 14:00-02:00, Sun 14:00-00:00
NoticeScore out of 5: 4.0 (66 reviews)
Details of "Sauna Le Rive Droite" in Rouen

Le Square sauna

the sauna square

Sauna le Square, located in the heart of Rouen, is a must for the gay community looking for a place to meet and relax. This sauna, with its garage-inspired decor, offers a raw yet warm atmosphere. Facilities include a hammam for deep relaxation, a Finnish sauna to purify the body, and cruising areas set up for more intimate moments. The friendly welcome and convivial atmosphere make Le Square a place where you immediately feel at ease, conducive to new encounters. Le Square stands out for its ability to combine physical and social relaxation in a safe and respectful environment.

NameLe Square sauna
Address39 Rue Saint-Nicolas, 76000 Rouen
Phone number02 35 15 58 05
Opening hours and daysMon-Wed 12:00-20:00, Thu-Fri 12:00-20:00, Sat 13:00-20:00, Sun closed
NoticeScore out of 5: 3.1 (14 reviews)
Details of "Sauna le Square" in Rouen

Le Diablotin Loveshop Sexshop

sexqhop le diablotin

Diablotin Loveshop Sexshop in Rouen is an Alibaba cave for those looking to explore their sexuality in a respectful and inclusive setting. This erotic boutique offers an extensive range of products to suit all tastes and desires: innovative sex toys, BDSM accessories, seductive lingerie and much more. But Le Diablotin is more than just a sex shop; it's a space of freedom where dialogue about sexuality is encouraged, where taboos are broken. Expert advice and the discretion of our sales staff guarantee a comfortable and enlightened shopping experience.

NameLe Diablotin Loveshop Sexshop
Address62 Rue Lafayette, 76100 Rouen
Phone number02 35 70 35 10
Opening hours and daysTue-Wed and Fri-Sat 12:00-19:00, Thu 12:00-19:00, Mon 14:00-19:00, Sun closed
NoticeScore out of 5: 4.2 (13 reviews)
Details of "Le Diablotin Loveshop Sexshop" in Rouen

Les Enfants Terribles

les enfants terribles

Les Enfants Terribles, much more than a cabaret in Elbeuf, is an ode to the diversity and artistic expression of the LGBTQ+ community. This emblematic venue invites you to evenings of gourmet dining and high-flying transformist shows. In a warm and welcoming setting, each performance is a celebration of drag art, a vibrant tribute to pop culture icons. Les Enfants Terribles is the perfect place for an original outing, where wonder and conviviality invite the discovery of others in all their richness.

NameLes Enfants Terribles
Address8 Rue Théodore Chennevière, 76500 Elbeuf
Phone number02 35 05 25 06
Opening hours and daysNot specified
NoticeScore out of 5: 4.8 (1,144 reviews)
Details of "Les Enfants Terribles" in Rouen

Must-See Areas in Rouen to Meet Gays

rencontre gay homme 4 1

Rouen, with its rich historical heritage and vibrant nightlife, offers several must-see neighborhoods for the gay community.
Here are five areas of the city particularly conducive to meeting and socializing within the LGBTQ+ community.

The historical center : The beating heart of Rouen, this district is dotted with picturesque alleyways and ancient buildings, offering a romantic and historic setting for spontaneous encounters.
Gay bars and cafés are welcoming and conducive to conversation.

Rive Droite : Known for its diversity and vibrancy, this neighborhood is home to Le Milk, the city's iconic gay bar, as well as other LGBTQ-friendly establishments, making it a favorite meeting place after sunset.

Saint-Marc district: Vibrant and eclectic, the Saint-Marc district is famous for its market and sunny terraces. It's the place to be for casual encounters in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Quartier des Antiquaires : Offering a more relaxed atmosphere, this neighborhood is ideal for those looking to meet new people in a more tranquil setting, surrounded by art and history.

Quais de Seine : The quays offer a magnificent setting for late-night strolls or picnics by the water. It's a great place to meet people in a more natural way and enjoy the beauty of the city.

Rouen, a city full of Gay Encounters

Rouen is a real meeting place for the gay community, offering a diversity of establishments and neighborhoods to socialize and discover.
Whether through its friendly bars, electrifying clubs, relaxing saunas or historic districts, the city invites you to explore and exchange.
Every corner of Rouen holds the promise of new friendships, nocturnal adventures and shared moments in a welcoming and dynamic community.

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