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What to do when life as a couple becomes a roommate?


by Vanessa Charles


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There are times in married life when we feel a bit like roommates. We pass each other in the kitchen, say hello and good night, but don't really have time to talk. It's normal, in life we are often busy and it's not always easy to find time for your spouse. However, if this situation persists, it is important to do something about it.

Here are some tips for rekindling the flame when life as a couple becomes a roommate. 

what to do when life as a couple becomes a roommate 3

Signs that your life as a couple has become a roommate

There are times in a couple's life when you realize that things just aren't working out the way they used to. Little attentions and tender gestures give way to arguments and silences. If you feel that your relationship has lost its flameMaybe it's because you're making the transition from couple to roommate. (Finally he/she was not wrong when he/she did not want to live with you Here are some signs that do not deceive.

You no longer pay attention to your partner's appearance

At the beginning of a relationship, we tend to pay attention to our partner's appearance. We take care of ourselves to please them, and we like to see them look good and elegant. Over time, this attention fades. We dress more casually when we're with him or her, and don't make as much effort to look good. This may be a sign that you no longer see your partner as an attractive person, and that you no longer feel the desire to please him or her.

You no longer share the same activities

At the start of a relationship, we like to do the same activities as our partner so we can spend time together. As time goes by, you tend to go back to your solo activities, or do different ones. This may be a sign that you no longer share the same interests and that you've lost touch with each other. you no longer feel close to your partner.

You no longer communicate

Communication is essential in a couple. It allows you to express your feelings, wishes and needs. It is also a way to resolve conflicts. If you feel that you no longer communicate with your partner, it may be because you have nothing to say to each other or because you no longer feel close to him/her.

You start having sex less frequently

Sex is an important part of a loving relationship. It allows you to connect physically and emotionally with your partner. Over time, it's normal for the frequency of sexual relations to diminish a little, but if you feel that sex is becoming a chore or that it hardly ever happens, it could be a sign that your relationship is dying out.

what to do when life as a couple becomes a roommate

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Why does my married life feel like a shared flat?

Perhaps the passion is fading, there's not as much communication and intimacy as there used to be, and we're starting to entertain the idea of living apart. If you're in a similar situation, here are a few tips to help you rekindle the flame and turn your roommate relationship into a real romance.

Start by communicating

If you don't communicate openly with your partner, it's easy to feel isolated and no longer want to share your life with him or her. Take the time to talk about how you feel, what makes you want to get back together, and listen to what your partner has to say.

Do activities together

When the kids leave the nest, it's easy to find yourself doing nothing together and feeling like strangers to each other. Plan activities that you both enjoy, and make time to enjoy your time together. This can be as simple as going for a walk somewhere nice, trying a new restaurant or even watching a movie together.

Work on your intimacy

Intimacy isn't just about making love, but it can contribute to it. If you no longer feel close to your partner, try to find other ways to strengthen your intimacy, such as giving a massage, trying a new sex game or simply spending time touching and caressing each other.

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Take care of yourself

It's easy to neglect your appearance when you live with someone, especially if that person doesn't seem to care. Take the time to look after yourself, whether it's doing a little exercise every day, taking care of your appearance or simply trying something new. This will show your partner that you care about him or her and are willing to make an effort to make your relationship more fulfilling.

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How to rekindle the flame in your relationship?

Life as a couple can sometimes become routine and monotonous. It's only natural! After all, you're with the same person day after day. So it's important to find ways of rekindling the flame in your relationship. Here are some tips:

  • Organize outings as a couple It can be as simple as taking a walk together or going to a restaurant. The important thing is to spend time together and take the opportunity to reconnect.
  • Don't forget to flirt ! It may seem obvious, but it's something couples often forget over time. Remember how you felt at the start of your relationship and try to reproduce those feelings. Give each other a few dirty looks or touch each other lightly when you're together!
  • Trying new things For example, if you feel your relationship is boring, you could try a new hobby together, or make love in an unexpected place. The important thing is to be creative and try to think outside the box!

When life as a couple becomes a roommate: break up or fight?

There are a number of reasons why a couple may become roommates. It could be that the two people are no longer getting on, that they are no longer interested in each other, or that they no longer share the same interests. Whatever the case, it's important to take the time to think about what's going wrong before making a decision.

Staying together

If you've decided to stay together, it's important to communicate and work together to solve problems. You can start by trying activities together to bring you closer together. If you're having trouble communicating, it may be helpful to seek help from a therapist.


If you've decided to separate, it's important to do so under the best possible conditions. Take the time to discuss what's going wrong and what you want from the separation. If you're married and agree that things aren't working out between you, think about the divorce optionIf you think it is necessary. If you have children, it is important to explain to them what is happening and give them time to adjust.

Life as a couple can sometimes be difficult, and it's sometimes necessary to make compromises. However, when life as a couple becomes a simple roommate, it's important to take the time to communicate and reconnect, and to remember that life as a couple is an ongoing process. Sometimes it takes a little time for things to improve.

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What can cause this problem?

In married life, there are many factors that can lead to tension and conflict. These tensions may be linked to differences of opinion, values or behavior. They can also be caused by more personal problems that impact on a couple's life, such as financial or professional difficulties.

What are the consequences of this problem?

When life as a couple becomes difficult, it can have a number of consequences for everyone involved. The people involved may suffer from stress, anxiety or depression. Their sleep and appetite may be disturbed. They may also have difficulty concentrating or making decisions.

How can we solve this problem?

There is no single solution for resolving relationship problems. It depends on the type and extent of the tension. In some cases, it's enough to talk calmly and openly with your partner and try to find a solution together. In other cases, it may be necessary to call in a therapist or marriage counselor.

What if the situation doesn't improve?

If, despite your best efforts, the situation doesn't improve, you may need outside help to manage your emotions and find a solution to your problem. Don't hesitate to consult a therapist or marriage counselor to discuss the matter.

What to do if you decide to separate?

If you decide to end your relationship, it's important to do so under the best possible conditions, trying to preserve your dignity and that of your partner. If you have children, think about their well-being and try to find an arrangement that suits them best.

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