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Meetic vs Affiny: What's the difference between these dating sites?


by Vanessa Charles


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In the vast universe of dating sites, it's sometimes difficult to distinguish the specific features of each one. Among the most popular platforms, Meetic and Affiny stand out from the crowd. Both belong to the same family of companies, but offer different approaches to helping singles find love. Let's take a look at the differences, and see how to choose the site that's right for you.

Meetic : Flexible search

Meetic is one of the most popular dating platforms and offers a more traditional approach to online dating.

  • Custom search On Meetic, you have the freedom to search for singles according to your own criteria. Whether by age, geographical location or even appearance, you're in control of your search.
  • No personality test Unlike other sites, Meetic gets straight to the point. You don't need to spend time answering a long questionnaire to start meeting people.

Affiny: Compatibility first

Affiny takes a more in-depth approach to online dating.

  • Unique personality test Before you can discover the profiles on Affiny, you'll be asked to take a personality test. This will help the site to better understand your expectations and character.
  • Suggestions based on compatibility Once you've completed the test, Affiny will match you with members whose answers show a strong compatibility with yours.
  • Managing your privacy With Affiny, you can hide your photo and choose who you want to show it to, giving you more control over your private life.

Choose the site that's right for you

The decision between Meetic and Affiny depends entirely on what you're looking for in an online dating experience. If you want a more direct and flexible approach, Meetic may be for you. But if the idea of finding a match based on deep personality compatibility appeals to you, Affiny would be a better option.

And remember, although these sites belong to the same company, they operate independently. That means you can't transfer your data from one site to another. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck in your lovemaking!

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