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How not to be seen when you are connected on Meetic?


by Vanessa Charles


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If you're like most singles, you've probably heard of Meetic. It's one of the biggest online dating sites in the world. Although it's a great site, there's one thing that can be a problem: people always see when you're online.

In this article, we will explain how to connect in offline mode and enjoy the benefits it offers!

Incognito mode to be "invisible" on Meetic

Tired of feeling like everyone on Meetic knows when you're online and is constantly checking your profile?

Want to look for potential dates on the sly?

Look no further than the famous incognito mode.

With a simple click, you become invisible to the public eye and can view profiles without anyone noticing. You won't have to worry about your friends or colleagues spotting you on the dating site - you'll never have to. incognito mode allows secret visits and true intimacy.

If you pay for this function, you can activate it so that your profile does not appear in your contacts' visits, thus generating no alerts.

Keep your searches discreet without sacrificing your authenticity, as Incognito mode lets you like and message potential partners just like any other user.

It's the perfect way to start a secret love affair!

How to activate the incognito mode on Meetic?

Tired of everyone on Meetic knowing your business? Ready to focus on finding love without the whole world watching? It's time to activate the incognito mode!

First of all, you need a paid subscription (renewable as many times as you like) to activate it. Meetic offers two types of paid membership:

  • The incognito mode for 24 hours, at the price of €1.99
  • The incognito mode for 1 month, for €9.99

Then simply follow these steps to activate this feature:

On mobile

To activate this feature, simply :

  • Open the Meetic application,
  • Go to the ME Menu,
  • Switch the Incognito Mode option to ON.

Your profile will be invisible to other users while incognito mode is activated, i.e. they won't see your visits.

On computer

It's quick and easy: just go to the Incognito section in the top right-hand corner of your computer screen, next to your profile photo, and activate the mode. No one will be able to see that you've been browsing Meetic, giving you the freedom to explore new profiles without any inhibitions.


Don't worry about your Meetic profile, and enjoy dating without being seen by everyone else, thanks to the platform's paying feature: incognito mode, which lets you browse without creating alerts and be seen in other people's "Visits" section.

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