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7 days free with Wyylde promo code


by Vanessa Charles


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Are you looking for a promotional code for Wyylde? Go to a free 7-day trial using our exclusive promo codes. Enjoy full functionality without the need for a paid subscription!

Explore Wyylde for freeFrance's most libertine social network, thanks to GiveMeDate.

How do I use the Wyylde mobile coupon code?

How do I apply it? Nothing could be simplerSimply enter it in your profile settings:

  1. Go to à using a mobile browser and log in to your account. (If you have any difficulties, please visit our article dedicated to connecting Wyylde)
  2. Click on the menu icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Scroll down the menu and select " Parameters ".
  4. Within Settings, find and select the "Subscription" tab.
  5. Click on the " PROMO code Press " to bring up the code entry field.
  6. Enter the promotional code " LANT " in the "Promo Code" field, taking care not to make any mistakes.
  7. Press the "Validate" button to apply the promo code.
  8. Once you've applied the promotional code, you're ready to take advantage of your free trial period.
wyylde etapes mobile promo code

How do I use the Wyylde computer coupon code?

To do this, go to in the settings your profile :

wyylde etapes computer promo code
  1. Login to your Wyylde account to go to the main page. (If you have any difficulties, please visit our article dedicated to connecting Wyylde)
  2. Press your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of the screen to open the menu.
  3. Select the " Parameters "You can also choose to display the
  4. Select the " Subscription You'll find the "Select" button on the left of the screen.
  5. Enter the code " LANT" in the space reserved for the " Promo Code "Make sure you don't make any mistakes.
  6. Click on the " Register "to activate the promotional code.
  7. As soon as the promotional code is applied, you are ready to benefit froma free 7-day trial which gives you access to Wyylde's many features.

Introducing Wyylde

Did you know that Wyyldeformerly Netechangisme, is the leading adult dating platform with a strong libertine focus ? I discovered that it offers incredible tools to facilitate libertine encounters and exchanges between people with similar tastes. What a great initiative!

wyylde statistics

This platform is a veritable oasis for libertines, offers a safe and friendly environment with a wide range of features such as online chat, forums, private photo albums, and even member-organized events. Fantastic, isn't it? You, as a user, can personalize your search results based on your location, age, sexual preferences and relationship status. So you can find partners who are perfectly in tune with your expectations. The power is in your hands!

What are the advantages of subscribing to Wyylde?

The promotional code I'm delighted to share with you opens the door to a vast selection of unlimited subscription features on the platform. This gives you the opportunity to explore and evaluate the site in depth.

Let me introduce you to subscription benefits :

  • You can even write a testimonial on the profile of another libertine user.
  • Save a custom search is possible.
  • Up to 5 private messages can be sent per day.
  • You are authorized to open 10 private messages.
  • You are free to watch the first 15 seconds of a video.
  • Feel free to send 10 favorites to express your interest in other members.
  • You can view 15-minute liveshow (per live).
  • You can access the first 5 photos in other users' albums.
  • You can even create your own private photo album.
  • Participate in a simultaneous event.
  • You have the option of organizing a "trip".

However, I did note a few limitations to take into account: you cannot leave comments on photos and you don't have access to filters for e-mail and visits.

I encourage you to explore the different aspects of the libertine site using these features. This will help you decide whether a paid membership is right for you. It's also an effective way of familiarizing yourself with the workings of the libertine site!

Why use a code on Wyylde?

You'll love this opportunity: with a Wyylde coupon code (I recommend "LANT"!), I'll give you 7 days' free access to all the platform's features, with no financial commitment whatsoever. You can explore the libertine communitymeet new people and enjoy new experiences without spending a cent.

Visit incredible benefits you can get with these promo codes:

  1. Money saved : With these attractive discounts on your subscription, you can enjoy premium features and save money at the same time.
  2. A free test : Some codes allow you to discover premium features with no commitment whatsoever, making it ideal for testing everything you need to know. Wyylde has to offer.
  3. Exclusive features Codes open the door to special benefits, such as exclusive events, special promotions and even additional features to enhance your experience.
  4. Support the libertine community By using these codes, you contribute to the growth and development of the Wyylde community!
  5. Share it with your friends : This is the perfect opportunity to invite your friends to join the libertine community and enjoy all the benefits together.

Don't wait any longer, take advantage of your Wyylde promo code now! and plunge into the exciting world of libertine encounters!

And after my 7-day trial?

After your trial week, unfortunately, you'll no longer have access to all the benefits you were able to test thanks to my promo code!

But don't worry, several solutions are available :

  1. As well as possible, I do not recommend that you create a new account to use a free code again.. This can affect the quality of the platform and prevent you from keeping your contacts and improving your account.
  2. Subscribe to the platform for 3 months or 12 months for a super discount !
  3. Sponsor a friend and win! You'll both receive 1 month's free subscription to the platform.

Choose the option that suits you best and continue to enjoy all the exciting benefits of our platform! Don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.

wyylde subscription prices

Discounts on Wyylde memberships

Subscription rates for Wyylde range from €19.90 for a one-month subscription to €99.90 for an annual subscription, which works out at €8.30 a month :

  • A monthly subscription costs €19.90
  • A quarterly subscription is billed at €13.30 per month, which represents a reduction of 34%, equivalent to one month free of charge
  • An annual subscription costs €8.33 per month, offering savings of 59%, equivalent to seven months free

Summary :

DurationMonthly priceReduction
1 month subscription19.90 €No discount
3-month subscription13.90 €19.8 (-34 %) or 1 month free
12-month subscription8.33 €138 (-59 %) or 7 months free

Tips for saving money at Wyylde

Here are a few tips to help you save money when registering or renewing your subscription:

  1. Take advantage of our promo codes Find and use trial codes to get discounts on your subscription, as well as access to free trials and exclusive benefits.
  2. Choose a long-term subscription Wyylde offers substantial discounts on long-term subscriptions. For example, by opting for a 3-month subscription, you can can save 34 % (i.e. one month free), while a 12-month subscription entitles you to a reduction of 59 %equivalent to 7 months free.
  3. Keep an eye out for special promotions Wyylde: Wyylde regularly offers its members special deals and promotions. Stay tuned for these opportunities to save on your membership or benefit from exclusive advantages.
  4. Invite your friends to sign up by sponsoring them Take advantage of Wyylde's referral program to invite your friends to join the platform. As a sponsor, you get a free month's subscription when your sponsored child subscribes..
  5. Take part in Wyylde events The platform regularly organizes events and parties for its members. These occasions are ideal for meeting other users and maximizing the use of your membership.

Is there a referral offer on Wyylde?

You're wondering if there's a referral offer on Wyylde? Well, yes, there is!

Wyylde has introduced a referral function to encourage its members to share their experience with their friends. You can enjoy one month's free membership with your referral thanks to this program. It's fantastic, isn't it? You can both benefit from two free months on Wyylde: one for you as a sponsor and one for your sponsored child!

Get 2 months free on Wyylde: 1 month for the sponsor and 1 month for the sponsored child.

Here's how it works and how you can benefit from it:

  1. Go to your settings Login to your Wyylde account and go to Settings.
  2. Search the Sponsorship category Find the Sponsorship category in your settings.
  3. Get your referral link In this section, you'll find a unique referral link that you can share with your friends.
  4. Your godchild must register via the link To benefit from sponsorship, your sponsored friend must create an account on Wyylde using the link you shared.
  5. Your sponsored child must take out a subscription Once your referral has created his or her account, he or she must sign up for a subscription, no matter which option he or she chooses.
  6. Enjoy one month's free subscription As soon as your godchild has subscribed, you'll both receive a free month's subscription, which will be automatically added to your account. Make the most of it!

Wyylde's referral program is an excellent opportunity to share your experience on the platform with your friends and enjoy a free month's subscription for you and your referral. So don't hesitate to share your referral link and invite your friends to discover the platform!

For sponsors :For godchildren :
You must be registered on WyyldeNo limits use or sending of the referral linkYou must not no account or subscription on the site (registered members cannot be sponsored)You can create an account by using referral link receiptThe offer is valid for the first subscription taken out

Wyylde discount codes don't exist! 

If you've spent any time looking for a coupon code to reduce the cost of your subscription, I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint you. There's no such thing. We have a direct relationship with the platform that generates the trial codes, and our correspondent has confirmed unequivocally that all subscription promotion codes found on the web are fakes.

Warning! The free 3-day, 10-day or 1-month codes on Wyyldes are fakes!

You may have come across trial codes for 2 days, 3 days, 10 days or even 1 month during your web searches. I must warn you: these codes are wrong and it's very likely that they won't work when you try to use them on your account. You've probably noticed this for yourself, haven't you?

The only real discovery you can make is to try Wyylde for a week. After that, if you like the platformyou can opt for a subscription.

Wyylde discounts and coupon codes summary

Wyylde offers and discountsType of offerOffer duration
7-day free trial thanks to a codePromotional code
(I recommend LANT!)
Valid until December 31, 2023
59 % discount on one-year subscriptionReduced subscription :
Savings of €138 (-59 %)
Discount of 34 % on three-month subscriptionReduced subscription :Savings of €19.8 (-34 %)Unlimited
1 month free for the sponsor and 1 month free for the sponsored child via the sponsorship programSponsorship offerUnlimited

It's time to put in your promo code and try Wyylde for free!

I strongly encourage you to use your Wyylde promo code and try it for free!

In fact, there's only one free trial code the one that allows you to use the platform for one year. week free of charge. It's the perfect time to discover what Wyylde has to offer!

This discovery code gives you a full access to the platform's many features. You can view profiles, take part in discussions, watch webcam lives and even make libertine encounters. So go ahead, chat, exchange and if you think the platform is worth your while, go for it! Opt for a subscription and take full advantage of everything Wyylde has to offer. It's incredible, isn't it?

Frequently asked questions

What's the best free code for Wyylde?

I recommend that you use our official promotional code: " LANT". It will give you the opportunity to try the libertine platform for free for a whole week! Rest assured, we check and update this code regularly to ensure its validity.

Why doesn't my Wyylde coupon code work?

I'm here to shed some light on a few common reasons why your Wyylde coupon code might not be working. Here are the details:
1. Input error Remember, codes are case-sensitive and a simple typo can cause problems. To get around this, I suggest you copy and paste the code as supplied, then try again.
2. Code already used Please note: Wyylde promo codes can only be used once. If you've used it before, it will no longer be valid.
3. Expiration date exceeded Promo codes have a shelf life. Be sure to check the expiration date to avoid using an expired code.
4. Ineligibility Remember to check the conditions of use of the code. It's important to make sure it's eligible for your situation. For example, it could be for the creation of a new account, or for those who have not previously benefited from a free trial.
5. Unofficial code If you found the code on the web, it may be out of date or invalid. I strongly recommend that you use an official promo code, such as those offered on this page, to guarantee that it will work.
6. User restrictions : Some codes are reserved for new users or specific groups of users. It's a good idea to check whether any restrictions apply to your account.

If after taking these elements into account, the code still doesn't work, I encourage you to use our official Wyylde promo code.directly from the site. This code will allow you to enjoy Wyylde for free for 7 days before choosing a subscription. Be sure to copy and paste the code to ensure correct entry and make the most of this exclusive offer!

Can I use more than one Wyylde coupon at the same time?

I regret to inform you that the Wyylde does not allow cumulative discounts or trial offers. However, rest assured that there is a code that offers you 7-day free trial ! This is a great opportunity to discover and appreciate Wyylde's services.

Do I need to enter my bank details to benefit from this promotional code?

I'm delighted to announce that you won't have to provide no information about your bank details to take advantage of the trial offer. You can take advantage of these seven free days with complete peace of mind and no strings attached!

At the end of the 7-day free trial period, the ball is in your court. You are totally free to choose to subscribe to continue to have access to all functions of Wyylde, or continue to use the platform with a free account. In the latter case, please note that your access to features will be somewhat limited, but it remains an excellent option for keeping in touch with the Wyylde community.

Are these coupon codes provided by Wyylde?

In fact, we're proud to be a Wyylde partner and have a direct relationship with the team that manages the promotional codes. This means you can have a absolute confidence in the fact that these codes work and are always up to date! So you can enjoy your Wyylde experience with complete peace of mind.

What happens once my promotional code has expired?

Once your 7-day "discovery" trial period is over, your account is automatically converted to a free account, and you will no longer have access to all the Premium features. If you'd like to take advantage of these advanced features and continue to enjoy the Wyylde experience to the full, you'll need to choose a subscription. The choice is yours!

Why don't the Wyylde codes I find online work?

It often happens that other sites offer completely fictitious or expired codes. Of course, from time to time Wyylde may offer special coupons. If this happens, I assure you that you'll be the first to know here. As a general rule, however, this is mainly a trial of 7 days which will be proposed to you.

Our promotional code "LANT"We're a reliable Wyylde partner, so you can count on us to make your Wyylde experience as rewarding as possible. So you can count on us to make your Wyylde experience as rewarding as possible.

How can I offer a Wyylde coupon code?

If you come across a Wyylde coupon code that hasn't been mentioned on our page yet, or if you discover a brand new one, don't hesitate to share it with us in a comment or via our contact form. Your contribution is invaluable and helps us keep our list of promo codes constantly up to date! Thank you so much for your help, it makes our community even stronger and more informed.

Are there special offers for women, men, seniors or couples?

Wyylde promotions are designed for everyone, regardless of gender, age or marital status. However, specific offers or targeted promotions may be available at certain times. To keep up to date with the latest promotions and offers, I recommend that you visit the Wyylde website regularly or subscribe to their newsletter. That way, you'll always be up to date better opportunities to benefit from discounts and special offers. It's a great way to optimize your Wyylde experience.

Where can I find free codes to test Wyylde?

Dget Wyylde promotional codes is child's play if you know where to look:
- Wyylde official website Visit the official Wyylde website from time to time. It's the ideal place to get a sneak preview of the latest promotions and exclusive offers.
- Wyylde Newsletter Subscribe to the Wyylde newsletter. You'll receive exclusive offers and promo codes straight to your inbox, like a VIP guest at a private party.
- Promo code sites : Browse sites specializing in promotional codes and discounts. A bit like searching for treasure, you never know what surprises await you.
- Social networking Become a loyal Wyylde follower on social networks such asInstagram, Twitter and YouTube. It's a fun, interactive way to stay informed about special offers and promotional codes.
- Online forums and communities Don't forget to check out the forums and online communities dedicated to good deals and promo codes. It's a bit like sharing secrets among connoisseurs.

And of course, always check the conditions of use and expiration dates promotional codes to ensure their validity and applicability to your purchases.

How do I know if the Wyylde coupon code I found is still valid?

Checking the validity of a Wyylde promo code is relatively simple. Here are the steps to follow:
1. Check the code details: Each Wyylde promo code comes with specific information such as the expiry date and conditions of use. Be sure to read these details carefully.
2. Try applying the code: The easiest way to check the validity of a coupon code is to apply it when you finalize your subscription. If the code is valid, the discount should be applied automatically.
3. Contact Wyylde customer service: If you have any doubts about the validity of a promo code, you can always contact Wyylde customer service. They will be able to help you and confirm whether the code is still valid or not.

Remember, using an official promo code, such as those offered on the official Wyylde page, is the best way to guarantee its validity.

How do I use my Wyylde coupon code?

Using your Wyylde coupon code is simple and straightforward.. Here are the steps to follow:
1. Home : Go to the Wyylde site and go to Settings
2. On the "Settings" interface When you reach the "Settings" interface, on the left, click on "Subscription".
3. Enter the code In the 3rd line, you can write the promo code you found (I recommend: "LANT").
4. Finalize your code When you're sure you've entered the coupon code correctly, press the blue "SAVE" button.

Remember, promo codes are case-sensitive, so be sure to enter them exactly as they are provided. If the promo code doesn't work, be sure to check the expiration date and specific terms of use. If you're still having problems, don't hesitate to contact Wyylde customer service.

What should I do if I have problems applying my Wyylde coupon code?

If you encounter any problems applying your Wyylde promo codehere are a few suggestions:
1. Check code entry Make sure you have entered the code correctly. Promo codes are case-sensitive and even a small error can render them unusable. Ideally, copy and paste the code directly.
2. Consult the conditions of use : Each promo code has specific conditions. Some may only be available to new customers, others may require a certain purchase amount. Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.
3. Check the expiry date Promo codes usually have an expiry date. Make sure the code you are trying to use has not expired.
4. Try another code If your code doesn't work, try another one. There are usually several promo codes available (e.g. "LANT").
5. Contact Wyylde customer service If you have followed all these steps and are still unable to apply your promo code, please contact Wyylde Customer Service. They will be able to help you solve the problem.

Are there any Wyylde promo codes for long-term subscriptions?

No, there are no long term Wyylde promo codes. The longest lasting codes are 7 days free.

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